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    <Eminence> [H] Elysium Recruiting

    just be sure never to Question their DKP system. If you do they curse you out and kick you from the guild. I wouldn't recommend joining them unless you are fully okay with DKP. And fall in line until you are liked enough by their officer to be able to speak your mind. Until then be on your toes.
  2. Warbossthrakka21


    HEY guys whats up. So Living Strath is not working properly at all. undead spawn at the wrong times theres random single elite mobs that appear from thin air at random times. It causes problems. All of the triggers are off and bugged. I hop the GM's are implementing a patch to fix this soon. Very frustrating the way it stands and it's def not supposed to work like that.
  3. SUP ALL YOU CRAZED PVPERS! I have a lot of experience leading AV premades 10 years ago and when I hit 60 and obtain some decent gear i'll start to organize our AV's. Stay patient all. I have a private teamspeak we can use that i'll invite people to just for the AVs i Run. lets work together and stomp the Horde into the dirt! LETZ GET SUM OF DEM BOYZ KRUMPED BUT GUD HEHA!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!
  4. I stopped playing 7 months ago but I have a high lvl horde character on my old account. So i remembered what my account was and tried to log in and no matter how many times i try it always says "Disconected from Server" It might be a file or something I need someone to walk me through this on discord or something.