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  1. Ares1

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    I have tested with version 2.221 in our latest Raid and the problem still occurs sometimes. It happens when I hit a lunamo healing macros on a "new" mouseover target, while a healing spellcast is still in process of going off. I guess this cant be fixed, like you said. Just have to get used to it and spam less ;) Can you tell more about 40y range check setup. What do you mean by "having a healing spell on cursor"? Is it working with /lunamo macros? For the combat log based Range check, do I have to keep a separate combat log window open all time? Is it better to check every combat message like party / friendly etc? I also have set my combatlog range in console to 40. Is there any more i can do to get better 40y prediction? Cheers
  2. Ares1

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    The problem he describes does still exist in latest version. I have lunamo macros for every heal too, and its very confusing when the healing predictions pops on myself instead of my mouseover target. Did you find any solution for this Rhena?
  3. Ares1

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Hello Rhena, thank you for this amazing addon! Is there a way to setup a macro for Renew spell with mouse over healing, that checks if renew has already been cast on the player and in case cancel it, to avoid overriding the spell? Basically combine /lunamo command with the following script? /run m=0 for i=1,40 do if(strfind(tostring(UnitBuff("target",i)),"Spell_Holy_Renew"))then m=1 end end if m==0 then CastSpellByName("Renew(Rank 10)") end The problem seams to be, this script only works with a player targeted, which mouse over healing wouldn't do. Maybe any other ideas?