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  1. Allerius

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    Good job! Thanks for keepin things getting fixed and providing this server<3
  2. Allerius

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    4h is four horsemen and yes the full t2set is a very nice piece of tanking equip, the t1 always reminds of an offtanking set for dps warriors since the 8bonus is basically defiance 5/5 in most situations
  3. Allerius

    RP while PVE

    I guess but I can't say for sure though it sounds like a lot of fun, a full group of Paladins and Priests for SM or Stratholme/Scholo p.e.
  4. Allerius

    Opening Up the Torrent

    Download uTorrent, download the Vanilla Client from this page and have win rar installed on your pc
  5. Hey, I love this Server and the work you put into it, I also enjoy the large Player base which makes the world feel alive and gives a large community. All this aside I solely started on this Server for playing with Dragons Call the sword from Eranikus in dual wield and that was the only reason I started a warrior, I did over 100 ST runs and got my first Dragons Call now. It isn't working properly. The proc spawns up to 3 Whelps as it should but they just Auto attack in meele and don't use their spell "Acid Spir" so it deals just around 2% of ist normal damage when it procs. By Dread (4,133 – 1·11·31) on 2006/11/05 (Patch 1.12.2) This drops of the final boss in ST, Shade of Erakinus. It has a very low drop chance but it's a pretty good weapon. Info about the Chance on hit: You summon one whelp at a time, but you can only have up to 3 whelps summoned at one time. Their attack is shooting green bolts at an enemy, which take about 2-3 seconds to cast and it's cooldown is roughly two seonds. Each bolt does about 280 damage (fighting a level 52 monster) and during the duration of the summon, it casts about 3 of these bolts, making the final damage around 840. Thats a Forum post made in Vanilla WoW on the Client Elysium runs on, the Auto Hits just deal 5-7damage. I already posted the Issue on Github but this Bug seems to be known since Nostalrius times and also for a Long time on this Server, I just found out yesterday-.- Please fix this as soon as you find the time - I hope you can help me with this small fix - for me it would mean all my game fun and keep me playing here with the same enthusiasm as I did before. Have a great day - I just didn't want it to get totaly lost in Github:( https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues/2987
  6. I like the 9kish population peaks, this Server just needs a improvement in server hardware because today these numbers are quite doable with enough power behind it. The World feels very alive in each zone, you find ppl for anything in no time, I wouldn't want to miss out on that. The biggest problem imo with transfers is that all realms here are on different patch states and differ from pve-pvp so you won't have the one to one transition that was the case in retail vanilla and basically miss out on one content patch, falling into one tightly knotted community that's way ahead of the curve gear wise. Donate more, volunteer up and make this the best private server out there so it can handle even more than 9k people lag free:)
  7. Allerius

    Warrior or druid tank?

    I completely agree with Vollfos. Finding a Raid Guild which would allow other Tanks than Warriors (or Paladins) will be the hardest part, though your chances are slightly better for ZG and when the Tank shortage of Naxxramas kicks in. For Dungeons though and especially the aoe aspect druid tanks are viable and you won't find any difficultyy to find groups - this includes UBRS. The place were I would prefer a Druid Tank over a Warrior or Paladin would be in PvP. For AV a Warrior will still be better as main Tank to survive Van and Marshall (disarm, better CDs and less damage income) though you still would make a great Offtank there in matters of kitting Guards etc. But why a Druid in PvP now? - Any serious WSG premade will need a good Druid FC and as a Guardian one you fill that spot perfectly. For AB your mobility/flexability and Stealth! will also make you a nice addition. So yes roll a Guardian Druid and learn how to master it, you surely will find a raid or PvP Guild which will get you your raid gear for some cheap DKP due to no concurrence. Have fun with it - hope that helped;)
  8. Spelldamage that's dealt physically is still Spelldamage, p.e. Lupus and his shadow damage - so yes if they don't screwed the item itself big time it should work.
  9. Allerius


    We need more healers and tanks on both sides for pvp, with those roles you help out way more:)
  10. There are quite a few frost dmg based weappons in that range and frost oil does the rest
  11. Hey piastoax - you're not the only one who is sick and tired of backdoor rush games - if you want to join Hyrda premades on Elysium Horde, a Group which isn't only in for 6 minute games:)
  12. Allerius

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    Join or build up premades and core groups to play for fun - with enough likeminded people in a voice chat you can make it somewhat better
  13. I don't think the drops will be too high, a lot if not most ppl - myself included - just want the vanilla experience and therefore will stay on vanilla only servers. The progress servers will fill up pretty fast though I guess because as above mentioned 15-30% of players are in for reliving their old wow experience or they want to reenact it because they missed it and joined later, plus, Elysium has a very good reputation in the legacy community as the leading server and has proven that they can make it work and last - only good omens so far
  14. I see lots of ppl. from Breakthrough afking whole battlegrounds with move-macro usage - some for hours - you can't really blame the Guild itself for that but it surely means that you have some shady individuals in there. - they've got reported by me and others with screenshots- no hard feelings towards you as a guild yet