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  1. Valaquenta

    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    Sooner than expected heh? We'll see I guess...
  2. Valaquenta

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Not a big surprise, tbh.
  3. Nothing prevents you to play on both servers...apart from the time factor of course.
  4. Please, don't mention that which must not be named, it's still too soon buddy :s
  5. I would have watched a few, but you recorded them with a potato :s
  6. Crogge must be so happy right now Oo. I don't know if his "legacy crusade" server will be up to par with what the Crestfall team(which he's a part of, mind you) wants to achieve, but it's definitely going to have a healthy population. It's probably going to be a better option than warmane anyways.
  7. Basically this. That's the reason why I'm not really interested by the legacy crusade. I'd rather wait for the PTE server.
  8. Thanks Ash, I got the answer on crestfall's discord ^^: basically the idea is to give the players from Elysium's servers who absolutely want TBC the option to play it with a more..."modest", less optimized core, since the benediction core is not ready, and crestall's PTE server won't get to TBC before 18 months after the release. I'm glad that people here will have the possibility to do that.
  9. @Ash Since Crogge's tbc server will not use the Crestfall benediction core (it's far from being complete), what is he going to use instead?
  10. Asura, darkrasp, niko (soon), mr daribon, crow, Xaverius, Nogar... yeah no they have devs don't worry about them. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to see the elysium playerbase being able to play on a TBC server soon, I'm saying that it's seriously unlikely to happen.
  11. Uuuuuh I don't want to be another downer, but like Pvt-8Ball said, crogge confirmed several times on the discord that the legacy crusade TBC server won't come out before crestfall's PTE server...which indeed means that you won't play on it before a long time :D But hey, at least the people playing on anathema and elysium will have their TBC servers at some point, which is a good thing.
  12. Yeah, the legacy crusade is actually far from being over. Crestfall's PTE server will probably come out first (it would make more sense this way).
  13. One question: You mentioned how the elysium players would be able to play TBC after the Anathema players (which makes sense, of course). Does that mean that the Elysium playerbase will have to wait 6-12 months (according to the original timeline difference between the two servers) before playing on TBC?