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  1. Hello, "First, i'm sorry for my bad English, i try to write correctly and I hope you'll understand me :)" I would like to offering my help to you for the warlock quest. You need a [Robes of Arcana] to get later the [Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe], but you're not tailor or you don't have the pattern ? The AH is kiding you ? I saw a Robes for 5 gold... So I farmed the pattern to craft it. But it was very hard and borring... If you want the robes but you don't want to farm and farm and farm just for a recip (2% of drop rate) for this quest : I'm here for you. I propose you to send me a mail IG [I'm not more active IG, so comment this post then i'll get a notification on my Phone] or /w me (Madgikoo) and I'll craft a [Robes of Arcana] :) I think that the easiest way to got your [Robes] is to send me the regeants (a tip would be appreciated of course O:) ) and after I craft the [Robes] ! The regeants are : -[Bolt of Silk] x4 or [Silk cloth] x16 -[Spider's silk] x2 -[Fine Thread] x2 I hope I'll help some of you :D Have a good game !