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    Development Update 14.10.2017

    The displayed set bonuses were active while they were on the items. There are a lot of retro-active changes on old items, and that is the nature of itemization as you will notice with nerfed defense stats and items that have their stats re-allocated to match their item level in Blizzard's timeline. It is our hope in the future to be more consistent in this regard, and ideally we shouldn't have any items released that are unintentionally stronger than they were on retail at the time of their availability (items with spell effects that we cannot replicate due to client limitations aside).
  2. This patch is currently only live on Elysium. Elysium Patch 1.7 Rise of the Blood god is now live! Zul'Gurub is available, along with a number of class quests. There are a significant number of item statistic changes in this patch, so be sure to clear your WDB folder to receive the updated versions. We are aware of some issues pertaining to Zul'Gurub items, namely the token rewards, and will rectify these over the coming days. General Players can no longer loot chests while under the effects of immunity spells such as Divine Shield The Darkmoon Steam Tonk has received significant improvements Reduced the radius of Campfires and Bonfires Bosses that kill themselves will now correctly save players to the instance Dungeons Blackrock Spire The loot tables for Highlord Omokk, War Master Voone and Urok Doomhowl have been revised Players will no longer be ejected from instances for a raid reset General Drakkisath's loot table has been rebalanced for patches where certain items are not available Shadowfang Keep The Deathsworn Captain now has the correct chance to spawn, and has had his movement updated Stratholme Adjusted Timmy the Cruel's spawn point and pathing Magistrate Barthilas can no longer be pulled with pets Maraudon Primordial Behemoths should now correctly chase players Raids The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Resolved an issue causing the Anubisath Sentinel's Thunderclap to deal damage twice Blackwing Lair Chromaggus will now always enter enrage mode once he reaches 20% health Abilities Self damage is now correctly transferred with Soul Link and Blessing of Sacrifice Spells and talents that give resistance to specific mechanics will now work for all spells that fall under the corresponding mechanic (some spells have differing ways of applying the mechanic) eg. Improved Concentration Aura now correctly gives a chance to resist the interrupt from a Rogue's Kick Positive periodic spells will now correctly apply ticks when the target has full health without doing any actual healing Non-exclusive spells of different ranks that apply buffs and debuffs should now be able to be casted on the same target eg. Corruption, Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Pain, etc. Classes Hunter Spirit Bond will no longer generate threat Druid The Tier 3 2 set bonus now procs while the target is at full health The Tier 3 6 set bonus now procs on Regrowth cast as well as ticks, and will proc while the target is at full health Priest Power Word: Shield now correctly generates threat equal to 50% of the shield amount Quests Resolved an issue with the First Aid Triage quest that allowed players to walk under water Corrected the race requirement for level 10 Night Elf hunter quests Noble Deaths now rewards reputation for the correct faction Prevented some quests from being able to spawn multiple NPCs for their objectives Corrected some spelling issues with the Monument to Grom Hellscream The Darkmoon Faire quest "Vibrant Plumes" now has the correct maximum reputation requirement Further improvements have been made to the Missing Diplomat quest chain Dashel Stonefist has returned to Stormwind City NPCs Argent Medics residing at Light's Hope Chapel will now cure players of diseases acquired in the Plaguelands if they are at Honoured reputation Reduced the damage and health of Number Two in accordance with the Beastiary Adjusted the drops for Gerard Tiller Martie Jainrose now correctly greets players when they have multiple available quests Roberto Pupellyverbos, Elaine Trias and Alma Jainrose now have the correct gossip menus Lady Jaina Proudmoore will now properly cast spells when engaged in combat The Emerald Dragon Whelp now has the correct AI Professions Artisan Fishing can no longer be learnt directly from a trainer Items Implemented the Elixir of Dream Vision Increased the drop chance of Draconic For Dummies chapters II and III slightly Corrected the drop sources for Tromping Miner's Boots Added Spellshock Leggings to the loot table of Antu'sul and Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul'Furrak All types of skinning hides will now stack in units of 5 until patch 1.11, where they will stack in units of 10 The Blasted Lands buffs should now stack with more similar, but shorter duration, effects
  3. Today the changes that have been applied to Anathema over the past few weeks are coming to both Elysium and Darrowshire. For information on those changes, please see the relevant patch notes. Content Updates It's been a bit quiet on this front since the release of Naxxramas on Anathema. You've all undoubtedly seen the timeline, and we're getting questions every day about Zul'Gurub and Ahn'Qiraj release dates. Rest assured we are not sitting by idly, and we actually have some news in this regard. Over the past month we have been diligently working on a system that will allow us to easily release new content (and itemization changes) on our realms, reducing (or completely removing) the issues we often see with incorrect item availability, incorrect stats and missing quests, NPCs and vendor items. The new system, amongst a host of other features, allows us to easily update item, quest, and vendor availability for a specific patch level and deploy it to the realms without worrying about corrupting another realm's patch-appropriate itemization. This means we can rapidly rectify these kinds of issues. In essence, it will help us drastically in ensuring future patches are deployed in a quick and timely manner. As for release dates, content patch 1.7 and Zul'Gurub for Elysium are currently available on the PTR which will remain open indefinitely and updated weekly with the latest development build. With testing continuing over the next week, we aim to have 1.7 released by mid-October. Ahn'Qiraj and 1.9 will follow shortly after for Darrowshire. Elysium Due to the sheer number of players actively playing on Elysium we've run into some Y2K style issues with some numbers getting too big. You've probably noticed these issues with mail missing items, missing mail text and the inability to create new guilds. While we have resolved the issue with missing mail items, we are still working to recover the ones that were lost. We have the records, they're just not attached to any mail, so they are not lost to the abyss (yet). In the case of missing mail text and being unable to create guilds, there is a client limitation on the size of the IDs we're allowed to use that we have surpassed. To rectify this, we've had to pack the IDs a bit differently in our database. Guild creation should once again be functional, however work to restore the mail text is still ongoing. And now, for the patch notes. General Quests that reward Alliance or Horde reputation will now correctly give reputation towards the factions that belong under those categories Expired mail will no longer show in players' mailboxes Debuffs can no longer last an absurd amount of time on players if they login a very long time after being affected by them There is now a .unstuck command available for players who find themselves trapped in certain spots. This will teleport you to the nearest spirit healer and apply a resurrection sickness debuff Dungeons Dire Maul Spring has come to Feralas, and flowers have begun to bloom in the Ogre stronghold of Dire Maul Dusty Tomes can now be looted while in combat Scholomance Doctor Theolen Krastinov's backhand ability now drops all threat on his current target Blackrock Spire There can no longer be multiple spawns of Jed Runewatcher Blackrock Depths Gorosh the Dervish now has a higher chance to drop items Scarlet Monastery Slightly increased the chance for rare spawns in the Graveyard Raids Zul'Gurub High Priestess Arlokk will now correctly leave stealth if she dies after vanishing The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Duplicate Imperial Qiraji Regalia and Armaments can no longer drop from bosses Andorgos now offers players the option to teleport to The Chamber of C'thun once Ouro has been defeated PVP Warsong Gulch If you are carrying the flag and standing on the capture point, it will now be instantly captured when your team's flag is returned Players under the effect of Mind Control or Charm spells can no longer have immunity spells such as Blessing of Protection casted on them Abilities Reflect based damage such as that of Retribution Aura is now correctly affected by the victim's damage modifiers Self damage can now trigger effects that would normally proc from other damage sources Swing timers are now properly reset at the end of a cast for all appropriate spell casts, including those by creatures Cleanse and Cure Poison can no longer be cast on players that are not affected by any hostile poison effects Reflect damage is now randomised on hit rather than on initial spell cast Shield spikes will no longer remain at a single value until the shield is re-equipped Classes Paladin Judgement of Righteousness and Judgement of Command now trigger melee effects Redoubt can now proc from all damage sources rather than just melee Shaman Windfury and other extra attack mechanics will no longer consume multiple charges of Flurry at any rank (previously only worked at the max rank) Warrior Execute combat log events will now be sent with the opcode CHAT_MSG_SPELL_SELF_DAMAGE Hunter Serpent Sting now uses physical hit chance calculations Arcane Shot now uses spell hit calculations Attempting to feed your pet while they are out of line of sight will now give an error immediately rather than consuming the food and then giving an error Quests The Darkreaver Menace has had the minimum level requirement adjusted to 58 Call of Water (part 6) has had some grammar and spelling corrections Bring the Light will now grant players a 30 minute Fortitude buff upon completion Fixed an issue with being unable to complete the quest 'Desperate Prayer' Adjusted the minimum level on a number of quests in Un'Goro Crater, some are now available much earlier A Strange Water Globe can no longer be completed multiple times Corrected the minimum level requirement for Nat Pagle's breadcrumb quests Gaxim Rustfizzle's quest chain has been improved Stranglethorn Fever should no longer become stuck in the middle of the event The Translation to Ello event has been updated NPCs Deepmoss Venomspitter will no longer flee for assistance A hostile NPC spawn point next to Gol'dir has been adjusted so that it does not repeatedly aggro and kill the poor fool Namdo Bizzfizzle is now hiding out in Gnomeregan with a selection of wares available for brave adventurers Meshlok the Harvester is now correctly displayed as a Rare Elite Wrathtail Sea Witches have had their mana burn damage reduced Felslayers now have reduced damage on their mana burn Pao'ka Swiftmountain will now assist allies in combat while being escorted Stone Watcher of Norgannon will now observe the scenery for a bit longer Adjusted the creature type for a number of Oozes in the world Cliff Lurkers in Loch Modan have had their health reduced slightly to be more in line with the surrounding creatures Araj the Summoner is no longer flagged as a Rare monster Sanath Lim-yo now offers players the ability to teleport to his master's tower while they are dead Items Head Curator Thorius Stonetender has overcome his problems with short term memory and now correctly writes player names when handing out a Proof of Deed The Crystal of Zin-malor now correctly applies passively Glyphic Scroll has received spelling corrections Mark of Hakkar is no longer available from lockboxes Increased the proc rate for Annihilator, Rivenspike and Bashguuder The Aquadynamic Fish Attractor duration is now correctly 5 minutes Items with the suffix 'of Quality' and 'of Holy Wrath' can no longer drop. Players that already have items with these bonuses may keep them Six-Demon Bag has received some corrections Spells should now cast instantly Polymorph can hit targets other than the caster The Felhound is now aggressive and will only attempt to mana burn targets that use mana
  4. As a preface, these notes currently only apply to Anathema. Elysium and Darrowshire will be updated later today. Anathema At the command of The Archlich, Kel'Thuzad, the Scourge marches again... In the halls of Naxxramas, the servants of the Lich King ready their forces. Necropolis are being deployed throughout Azeroth, and the dead prepare their weapons. The assault will begin on Azeroth imminently. Be stalwart against this new threat heroes, it will test the mettle of all... For Azeroth, Lok'Tar Ogar! Patch 1.11 is now available Naxxramas will be opened for players one week into the invasion ** We are aware of some missing items (Eternal Quintessence/NR gear), and a regression with the Field Duty NPCs. These issues will be rectified over the coming days Players will now only be able to queue for Battlegrounds in smaller groups of 3, more information on this coming soon General Adjusted miss chance calculations with weapon skill based on derived information Note that this only applies to PvE (and EvP), PvP hit chances remain unchanged Players should no longer take environmental damage on resurrection over long distances The Bloodhoof Village Graveyard is now shared between Alliance and Horde players The Night Elves have re-established the Twilight Vale graveyard in Darkshore, and players of both factions may redeem their souls there The Undercity Graveyard has finished construction and is now available for Horde players that die in the vicinity of the city Physical damage reduction abilities such as Defensive Stance, Shield Wall and Barkskin now reduce fall damage when active Reputation for the Steamwheedle Cartel now spills over to the appropriate factions, including Bloodsail reputation The evade check for creatures that cannot reach their targets has been improved Windows and Mac clients compiled with PPC architecture can now login to the game server Quests that reward multiple items can no longer result in players losing an item if the only empty space is in bags which take specific materials Events The Gurubashi Arena chest event has received improvements The chest should now correctly spawn once every 3 hours Short John Mithril will pronounce to the zone when the event is about to begin, and slowly make his way to the center of the arena Dungeons Sunken Temple The Avatar of Hakkar event in Sunken Temple has been reworked The braziers should now remain lit after killing the Suppressors Suppressors will now correctly spawn after each brazier is doused Concurrent spawns have been limited to prevent players abusing the infinite waves Only one Egg of Hakkar can now be used to summon the Shade of Hakkar Scarlet Monastery Morgraine will no longer feign death in the Cathedral if Whitemane has already been killed in a previous attempt Raids Blackwing Lair Nefarian's Corrupted Healing debuff during the Priest class call will no longer proc on periodic abilities The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Viscidus has received improvements to his shatter phase Globs will no longer move at sonic level speeds Globs will now correctly accelerate over the length of their path Globs now spawn in a circular radius around the room, and converge to the same point at the same time rather than being considerably staggered PVP Improvements to PvP flag mechanics have been made AoE abilities from unflagged players will no longer hit flagged players or flag them for PvP Attacking or healing PvP flagged NPCs will now flag players for PvP Flying through contested areas no longer flags players for PvP PvP quests now flag players for PvP Players are no longer flagged for PvP when challenging flagged players to a duel Pets that attack flagged players will now flag the owner of the pet too Players that go offline while in the Battleground Queue or while in a Battleground will now be sent back to the location they queued from at the end of the Battleground, or their hearthstone location if the queue location is unavailable Fixes an issue where players were teleported to Tarren Mill Abilities Reworked when some spell procs are performed Periodic spells should now properly trigger on cast rather than being delayed to the first tick Abilities that are triggered on periodic damage will still only proc on periodic damage Re-added a previous change for channeled spells that prevents ticks being lost Unique spell cast speed modifiers will now stack properly Spells that are affected by heartbeat resists are now properly affected by Diminishing Returns Spells that cast on the next melee swing should now be more consistent with triggering extra auto attacks Spells which are being casted on players that release their corpse, or accept a resurrection, are now cancelled Dispel abilities will now trigger other effects properly Classes Hunter Pets that are dismissed should no longer lose their buffs Warrior Sweeping Strikes with Execute will now properly chain to targets at 20% and below, rather than 19% Sunder Armor will no longer proc melee effects when it misses Rogue Rupture will now properly trigger Relentless Strikes Priest As a temporary hold over until Mind Vision aggro is rectified, Mind Vision can no longer resist Blackout will now proc on cast, rather than the first tick of damage Power Word: Shield can now trigger effects Professions Faction requirements have been added to some Engineering specialization quests to prevent players acquiring the wrong quest for their faction Quests The event for the quest Resupplying the Excavation has been improved The Missing Diplomat quest chain has been reworked Improved the trigger areas for the mine exploration quests in Elwynne Forest The quest Milly Osworth is now only available after Brotherhood of Thieves The Horn of the Beast is now correctly marked as level 48 The quest "Are We There, Yeti?" has received significant improvements and should no longer result in the victims being permanently feared into the abyss (it's just a prank, bro) NPCs All quest givers throughout Azeroth now have some introductory speech for players when they have multiple quests available Betina Bigglezink now has gossip options for players who have misplaced their Seal or Rune of the Dawn Removed outdated Lockpicking trainers Merissa Stilwell's model has been corrected Tabetha's model has been corrected Rabbit breeders of Azeroth have found some new colour combinations Rats have mutated into new colour combinations Farmers have learnt to breed black sheep Mabel Solaj in Darkshire Inn now moves throughout the establishment tending to various duties The alchemists of Undercity have lost interest in Bloodshot, and no longer allow his clone to roam the plaguelands Various mobs throughout the world will no longer pose as members of the Defias Brotherhood by using secret language Some of the Gogger kobolds now warn players about taking their candles Items Players who use the Chained Essence of Eranikus will now be whispered by the Nightmare Dragon, beware lest he corrupt your mind Small Barnacled Clams will no longer drop incorrect items, the thieving clams now only contain pearls and juicy flesh Felwood Slime Sample now has a 100% drop chance from slimes, and only drops for players on the quest Un'Goro Slime Sample now has a 100% drop chance, no longer drops from various ogres, and only drops for players on the quest Bloodshot no longer collects random Scorpid Scales, and will only give players hide when skinned Removed duplicate Testing Equipment spawns The Etched Note has undergone a grammatical and spelling review
  5. General Online players will now gain rested experience inside cities and inns Creatures will no longer appear smaller than they should, eg. Dragons of Nightmare, Molten Core trash, etc. Events The Dragons of Nightmare event has been reworked Dragons will no longer spawn with incorrect abilities Dragons will now spawn within the proper window, 4-7 days after the last dragon was killed Dragon locations should be properly randomized once more Dungeons Blackrock Depths Emperor Dagran Thaurissan has built a better rapport with his court, and they will now come to his aid after combat has begun The Deadmines Edwin Van'Cleef has learnt some new lines of speech Wailing Caverns Bosses now play an associated sound effect when they are engaged Naralex will now yell when he awakens Raids The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Huhuran now randomly targets players for Noxious Poison rather than only casting it on the highest aggro target Azuregos Azuregos' Cleave now only hits one additional player, rather than chaining to nine players Upper Blackrock Spire The Father Flame event now has correct spawn points for Rookery Hatchers and Solakar Flamewreath The first Rookery Hatcher now has speech when the event starts Blackwing Lair Blackwing Technicians will now behave more consistently with regards to aggro and player death PVP It is no longer possible to miss melee attacks against sitting targets A message is now correctly sent to all group members when a group queues for a Battleground Using the /who command inside a Battleground will now only show a list of players inside that Battleground The Warsong Gulch flag respawn time should now be more consistent after being captured Classes Hunter Pets with stacking abilities now continue to use their spells at max stacks in order to maintain debuffs rather than letting them fall off before casting again Pets with the 'Screech' ability now correctly generate aggro Pets can no longer be instantly dismissed using script functions Paladin Multiple ranks of the same Judgement can no longer be stacked on a single target Judgement of Command now scales base damage depending on whether the target is stunned rather than scaling the bonus damage Judgement of Righteousness now scales at 50% spell power bonus Warlock Healthstones can no longer be created if the player has a full inventory Warrior Flurry ranks one to four will no longer trigger on ranged attacks Quests Corrected the level requirement for Cuergo's Gold to level 40 The Torch of Retribution will now spawn for players again upon accepting the final quest in case they missed it at the first opportunity Quest rewards will no longer sometimes appear twice in a player's chat log The 'Seeking Spiritual Aid' quest and associated event has been improved 'Harlan Needs a Resupply' has received improvements to the event NPCs Garran Vimes now offers gossip to players hinting at a quest location Spirit of Kirith now has a shorter spawn duration (no more ghostly lines) The Tarantulas in Redridge Mountains now have a more zone and level appropriate health pool The swimming Theramore Deserter has relocated himself and his cauldron onto dry land. Having a cooking fire in the ocean is not very productive, as it turns out Adjusted the damage and school resistances for Devilsaur monsters Reduced the damage on Engineer Whirleygig, his dagger was too sharp Items Diamond Flask will now stack with other strength buffs Mighty Rage Potion will now stack with other strength buffs The Jom Gabbar trinket no longer triggers an excessively long cooldown on other similar trinkets Crystal Charge is now usable on all mob types Force Reactive Disk will correctly proc again after the player dies and is resurrected Goblin Jumper Cables can now be used on players that have released their spirit Misc Tabetha's Sign is no longer invisible, it was a bit too spooky even for a witch The API command SpellStopCasting() will now correctly interrupt next-swing melee abilities
  6. thepparker

    Development Update 23.08.2017

    Both. The release branch will give you an indication of what is going live. The development branch contains changes that are yet to be tested thoroughly.
  7. thepparker

    Development Update 23.08.2017

    Only what is listed was patched with today's maintenance
  8. General Fixed various gameobject pools not respawning correctly (herbs, crystals, etc). Fixed an issue causing players to have unintended side effects after being Mind Controlled, including being able to walk under water and being unattackable. Fixed players appearing to change direction while flying if they change certain pieces of equipment. Player honor gain on mark turn-ins and Battleground honor ticks will no longer state that the player has killed themselves. Fixed an error with the armor calculation causing level 60 and above players and NPCs to mitigate less damage than intended Raids & Dungeons Nefarian's Mage class call will no longer cause each subsequent Mage call to polymorph more players than intended Classes & Abilities Fixed an exploit allowing players to stack critical hit chance when disarmed. Creatures that use weapons now have reduced damage and cannot use their melee abilities while they are disarmed. Actually fixed Sunder Armor not proccing on hit effects. Items Juju Flurry now grants attack speed bonus to Off-Hand and Ranged weapons as well as Main-Hand, and will no longer reduce damage in compensation for the speed increase. Quests Players should once again be able to complete the battlegear quests in Silithus given by Vargus. Battleground mark turn-ins should be available on all realms once more.