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  1. Title. Most of you guys have been following all of this, and LH won. The only way for Elysium to make a comeback is a fresh server, especially when LH doesn't want to launch one. /Discuss
  2. Ok, so I've been on Ely discord the last week, and you guys pretty much confirmed that you'll launch a fresh server with a faster progression system, which is a great idea. However, DO NOT wait an entire month or something to launch the fresh server. If it has to happen, it should happen in a week or something. If you saw the incredible mess that we had on LH's discord the last 3 days, you'd know how big the demand is. Let's be honest, the 3 other realms are D-E-A-D on elysium, that's almost a given. Don't wait if you want Elysium to be brought back to life, release the fresh server as soon as possible, and you'll be the one winning in the long-term. Thank you guys.
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    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    Fuck yeeeeeah !!!!!
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    Fresh Realm Name?

    Rebirth...oh wait :D
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    Fresh Realm Name?

    Isn't it weird though, since there's already an "atlantiss" project out there?
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    Fresh Realm Name?

  7. Ashteloren

    Fresh Realm Name?

    "Trust reborn", no? :D
  8. I know: "god, not a poll". However, no new Elysium servers are coming out anytime soon, not before 2018 is well on its way, so it's not about hyping anything, I was simply thinking that it would be interesting to see what you guys want to do next year when you have more options, where exactly you want to be, and of course: why? Here's the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14145329 Like I said, it would be kind of you to add a comment (and, more importantly, it would probably be an interesting read). Thank you guys, have fun on Elyium ;-) nb: yes, I also made a thread on reddit about it.
  9. From yesterday: http://www.strawpoll.me/14145329/r Still worried :D ?
  10. Can't really argue with that. However, concerning the end of the LGN alliance, iirc it was due to crestfall being worried about how all of this could have "stained" (lol) their reputation right? I think that the current Elysium team is in a MUCH better state than it was 6-7 months ago: the staff seems professional to me in general (apart from the GM thing that happened recently), and they are actually keeping people updated when an issue arises, so I doubt that any big internal problem could cause something really bad in the future.
  11. Not even sure what that means? You mean the last thing someone should vote for or something?
  12. Shouldn't crestfall be considered as a fresh vanilla server when it comes out, even though it will evolve towards other expansions in the future? So just wait for crestfall like many of us do, I don't know?
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    How Vanilla, TBC going to work?

    Yup, crestfall is the one with the progressive system. yeah, the new TBC server will be based on the "legacy crusade" server, or Crogge's server. No, Elysium is actually the "youngest one", but anathema is indeed old, as it's the ancient Nostalrius server (renamed). And yes, Darrowshire will remain as a pve server, but this one's going to die for sure in the future, when crestfall launches. I'm going to look like a fanboy, but imo, if you love hard pve content, the idea of very long-term investment (PTE) and really detailed stuff (they're researching things like madmen while working on their core), then crestfall is for you. If you're a die-hard TBC fan, and you mostly want to play this expansion, then Elysium TBC might be the right option, as you won't get TBC on crestfall before 1.5 year after the CF launch.
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    How Vanilla, TBC going to work?

    You're going to end up with this type of situation: -Crestfall PTE servers (pvp) -Elysium tbc servers (pvp) -Elysium-Anathema server (pvp) since they'll merge -darrowshire server (pve) The Elysium pvp server will have an enormous loss of population in the future, and darrowshire is already a low pop server, and will probably die: most of the vanilla players will go to crestfall. Of course, the majority of the Anathema/Elysium players will go to the tbc server once it's available as well. Basically, the crestfall servers will be made of vanilla players, fresh players, newcomers, the CF community (obviously), the people who were waiting for crestfall and so on, when the elysium TBC servers will be mostly based on the Elysium community. So yeah, those are the options in the future.
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    Coming Back, How Are Things?

    Things are good yeah, elysium is full of people. Oh yeah, crestfall joined elysium btw, so it became even bigger thanks to the merge :D
  16. You'll get TBC on elysium, just not right away, what's so bad with that? Didn't you start playing on elysium because you wanted vanilla? If being stuck on one expansion forever is something you fear, just wait for crestfall since they want to go all the way to Mop.
  17. Yeah, something like that, or maybe near the end of 2018 (november-december...).
  18. I wonder how it will work in the future though? Will it be: -crestfall PTE comes out first -Anathema TBC comes out next -Finally, Elysium TBC comes out last Or something like: -Anathema TBC comes out first -Crestfall comes out second -Elysium TBC comes out last. I'd love to play TBC, but I don't trust Crogge to be able to develop a really good server, contrarily to the entirety of the CF team, so I'll still play on the CF server. It's not a big deal in any case, many people will play TBC even if it's average, but I still believe that crestfall is the most popular thing in development out of the two right now.
  19. That's not exactly it: the elysium TBC server is going to be very useful because so many people want to play TBC (which is understandable). Meaning that, at least, those who want to try another expansion on the elysium project can do it. It's not a super exciting option for many people because it's going to be a "plan B" TBC server not supported by crestfall, but at least you can play it.
  20. Good point, then let me rephrase this: Crogge is part of the crestfall staff (and he'll be the system admin of the crestfall division on Elysium as well) and the legacy crusade project(which is his) was supposed to use the benediction core as soon as soon as it was completed...what do you think that entails? ;-). The reason why the crestfall core will be superior to anything that crogge can release is because the entire CF staff has been working on it for a long time now, although it's far from being complete, and Crogge's the only one who worked on his TBC server, and he's not really a dev. If you ask him which version of TBC will be the best between crestall's TBC and his own TBC project, he'll give you a very clear answer himself (tried and proven on the discord).
  21. You'll never have 5000-10 000 people doing that on the legacy crusade: -Anathema will be the first one to do that, which means only 1000-2000 people will be there (which is still a lot for HP) -Elysium's tbc transfer will be available several months after anathema -the TBC server isn't going to arrive anytime soon -A lot of people from Elysium, Anathema and Darrowshire would rather reroll on crestfall's PTE for the long-term plan -Many people are worried about this TBC server being very average since it has nothing to do with crestfall, it's the remake of the old "Crogge server". I'm not bashing the legacy crusade, I'm just saying that the sudden hype for it is based on desperation rather than solid expectations...I still think that it's going to have a healthy population since it'll be the only TBC option, but it'll be dead as soon as crestfall's PTE server goes to the TBC phase.
  22. Not really unfortunately: for starters, this server won't come out anytime soon, only the anathema people will be able to play TBC first, and most importantly, this isn't the crestfall project, it's simply "crogge's server" all over again: which means that quality-wise, it's going to be mediocre. It's cool that people can enjoy TBC, and people will hate me for being a party-pooper, but they're going to be disappointed if they think this is going to be a corecraft/gummy/crestfall quality server.
  23. I don't know if I'm a downer or something, I'm just saying what is likely to happen in the future, based on the project owner's own words.