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    Permadeath Challenge!

    Isn't this challenge like the iron man challenge or am I missing something? BTW, I'd do the challenge with you, but my social anxiety is ruling my young life now.
  2. It wasn't like that on retail & it won't be on here. Get over it. Big deal. You got your money back at least.
  3. Trollhater1928

    Light hide drop rate from moonkins in Darkshore.

    I wanted a yes or a no. I know all about gihub already. I'm not gonna register with github because I've heard horror stories about people getting hacked that way somehow which is why I asked on here in the first place, but whatever. Not risking it. I guess it's gonna go unreported unless one of yall report it. I'm gonna keep farming them for small eggs & light feathers, but I won't skin the moonkins. I'l get my light leather somewhere else for now. I did destroy the light hide I had. I didn't mind it. Thanks for nothing. Goodbye.
  4. I don't know where to ask, so I'm asking here. Anyway, I was farming for leather, small eggs, & light feathers from the moonkins on the Elysium PVP server, & there seems to be a problem with the drop rate for light hide when it comes to skinning those moonkins. I farmed for 45 minutes & wound up with 41 light hide. It seems the drop rate is about possibly 40 - 45% (my math is rusty) because I only got about 57 light leather in the same farming session. Is the drop rate normal or what? I want to keep farming, but I want to make sure this is not a bug/exploit. EDIT: I should add that I was using my hunter while the aspect of cheetah was on if that makes any difference.
  5. Trollhater1928

    Getting ganked after logout

    Same here. The other day I got ganked in Duskwood right next to the hermit by someone right when I logged out. Not used to being on a PVP server, but whatever. It's a game. Someone must've ganked you when you logged out.