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    well this doesnt look good.. WTF

    false alarm sorry guys... guess i was just paranoid. May a Mod delete this thread please and thank you.. OneHITMecha
  2. so i wake up go to play wow for a few hours before work and all the servers are offline... did some shit for a bit, same deal.. please tell me blizzard didn't mail your server provider demanding a shut down..... i hope this is the paranoid andrew talking LOL... keep me posted gents!
  3. OneHITMecha

    Server Down

    you didnt hear? its gone for good....
  4. I decided to come back to wow, since I have quite a bit of free time on my hands. I'm looking for people or a guild to play with. Ill be 60 in 14 days or less, and I have cleared Naxx on retail dozens of times. I'm also big into PvP aswell. I'm not picky on the faction at all.. Not 100% sure what i'm rolling tho! I got a little over an hour until WoW is down DLin. Hopefully I hear from some of you guys by then! OH-Mecha