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  1. Dear administrators! If you already have something to test, why not open an alfa testing for players? This is gonna be a huge step forward.
  2. Let's see how many ppl gonna play.
  3. Hello! Since BWL released one month earlier than expected due to official timeline, ZG and patch 1.7 should also be released one month earlier, which means by the end of september. It is the middle of september atm but still there are no official announcements about ZG. Any ideas?
  4. Darkmoon faire tickets bug

    Well, i think its more like a glitch caused by a server lag... Good news for me that im not the only one to be so unlucky.
  5. Darkmoon faire tickets bug

    Hello! My ingame character name is Welterschaft (Elysium PVP). Yesterday at Darkmoon Faire i have turned in 80 thorium widgets in a row. By turning those 80 in i shall have recieved around 260 tickets. Some minutes after i have turned 80 widgets i found out that in my bag i only received 120 tickets. Probably that happened due to some server lag or something... i dont know. That really frustrated me, because i have calculated all the materials i needed and even had to borrow some amount of gold from my guild mates to make my Orb of the Darkmoon necklace done for 1 200 tickets. Please help me to find out what happened and probably solve the problem. You can check my logs to see how many widgets i recieved yesterday, how many times i turned them in and how many tickets i recieved. This situation depresses me a lot and i didnt even sleep well tonight. Please help!