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  1. Lucumo

    Elysium - Hero of the Stormpike

    Thanks for the information, guess it's just a matter of waiting it out then.
  2. Is the quest in the game? Finished "The Battle of Alterac" but didn't get the follow-up quest and thus no reward (I also wasn't the only person according to chat).
  3. Scheint ja nicht die beste Gilde zu sein, wenn Mitglieder durch dumme Kommentare im Chat auffallen.
  4. Yep, exactly. I don't get how any sane person could think something like this makes any sense whatsoever. I mean, if the guild has like five members, sure...but anything remotely not small...nope.
  5. Lucumo

    Elysium - Crashed

    Yep, that doesn't make much sense. I always check the forums but I get disappointed pretty much all the time because there is a lack of communication.
  6. Yeah, for new people like us it's pretty hard. Everyone knows where to go and what to do and you are mostly left behind.
  7. Lucumo

    ganker name

    So you are whining about someone who does the same to you what the Horde does to the Alliance, just in greater number? Live with it.
  8. Lucumo

    Can this stop?

    So...? Maybe he just doesn't like him?
  9. Seems like the OP is the one with the issues here.
  10. "Don't kill them, make them civilians." I see no reason there.
  11. Lucumo

    LF Guild [A]

    Have you found any guild? I'm also looking for a leveling guild since it's really hard to find people for things, especially instances (Wailing Caverns in my case).
  12. Lucumo

    Cannot log in to Elysium server

    Are you sure you didn't just change something on Sunday? Haven't experienced any disconnects in the last two hours but my latency went way up and is at a flat 100ms now...or was for some longer time. Then it went down to normal numbers...but seems it updates the numbers less often now? Dunno, will pay more attention to it the next few days.
  13. Lucumo

    Getting repeatedly disconnected

    Been happening to me since yesterday. I'm on EU, so that shouldn't be an issue. (We also have three topics on this issue, maybe they should be merged.) /edit: Just now it was in a BG but yesterday it happened even during normal questing/running, ever since the first server maintenance (not sure exactly when that was, like 21:25 (UTC +2)?)
  14. Lucumo

    Cannot log in to Elysium server

    Same here. I've only started playing on Thursday last week (so my comment probably isn't worth much) but before the Sunday maintenance, I had no problems of this sort.
  15. Maybe give a reason why you want to have a change first?