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  1. Tribe2

    server crashes and bgs

    I disagree with this, but understand where you're coming from. I'd settle for not having a deserter debuff right after a crash. Not sure if there's any real work around for this though.
  2. The GM team, for the most part, are actually quite good. It's like you said, whitekidney and co are the problem unfortunately.
  3. Apparently Ash got outvoted in the meeting, yet more evidence (as if it were needed) that Elysium's development team doesn't give 2 shits about the pvp community.
  4. Tribe2


    " For like 90% of the players who join BG´s this will be a great update. " Which is why, in a poll of 2000 votes, 70% of people either didn't care or disagreed with this change, whereas only 30% of people who voted were for the change.
  5. Tribe2


    Let's add summoning stones, dualspec, LFR, 3x experience rates and 10x gold rates. This change caters to the lazy, and the inept, who can't be arsed to put in the effort - and feel they should get the same rewards as those who do put in the effort, who do put in the time. Get a grip, if you're all for this change, go play retail - you might enjoy that more.
  6. Tribe2


    If you think dodging is a thing on Elysium, you're wrong. I run the top ranking premade on Horde atm, and even though we farm the alliance ranking groups we've never been dodged once. They roll over from time to time to end the game quick, but that's very rare. I'm sure they would dodge if there wasn't a massive banwave on Anathema targetting people who just opened empty games. The main issue we face is that if we beat the alliance groups in AB, they disband and go WSG immediately - effectively killing our queues. Horde bg queues are completely reliant on what the alliance premades are doing, and regrettably we spend the entire day chasing them between battlegrounds. Multiqueue would fix this issue somewhat, but that brings with it a number of problems also. Capping the queue at 3 people is NOT the solution to any problem, not quite sure what problem they're trying to "fix" with this really. You get what you earn in vanilla, that's why we like it, no?
  7. @Ash Thanks for the acknowledgement, good to know it's being taken onboard
  8. Overwhelming support, over 80% on the poll, yet no response or acknowledgement of any kind. Even a "we'll discuss it" would do... Or any legitimate argument as to why this is not a good idea... Because so far, there's been nothing.
  9. Stinkyqueue does exactly the same, without altering the server and creating another non-blizzlike aspect.
  10. Stinkyqueue queues your entire raid, a good premade can win in 6/7 minutes comfortably. It becomes a race between the Premades and it's actually quite exciting and rewarding gameplay. Horde absolutely would be able to queue as effectively as alliance, essentially it would completely level the playing field.
  11. Hi guys, This is something I've been thinking about suggesting since Av launched on Elysium. I don't expect everyone to agree, infact it's quite a polarising issue, but I would like to suggest it nonetheless. I propose that Elysium allows players to use scripts and addons like stinkyqueue in order to circumvent the Av queue system allowing the leader of a raid to queue his group for Av. There are a number of reasons why I feel this would be a good change for the server, which I will outline below. First of all, this is actually blizzlike. For a server claiming to try to emulate retail vanilla in the best way possible, sanctioning players for such addons directly contradicts that aim. Secondly, the playerbase has changed since retail vanilla, a lot of players use and abuse Av as their own personal farming ground. How many times have you seen 15 people ignoring objectives and running straight for the lotus spawn? As if that's not bad enough, they then do their utmost to extend the game through "turtling" with the intention of re-gathering the valuable herbs and minerals Av has to offer. Inexperienced and nostalgic players get dewy eyed over memories of epic 24 hours Av games without realising that those games are a nightmare. It's incredible how frustrating it is to be unable to play with your friends and being forced to play with people who are not playing to win, and who's only intention when joining a game is to camp black lotus spawns as opposed to playing with people you know. I would argue that this is completely against the spirit of the game. "Don't team up with your friends and play the game, here are 35 randoms to play with who don't speak your language, enjoy". Doesn't seem in the Vanilla spirit to me. Furthermore, the factions are inherrantly unbalanced on Av weekends. You may have noticed that Alliance have a much easier time in Av, not in the game itself, but because the queue system favours those with the smaller player pool. Alliance premades have the luxury of keeping their premades together much more successfully than horde can. Alliance premades are able to abuse the queue system in order to open a fresh game for themselves where they get a minimum of 30 players from their premade into the same game. This is called fish queueing and is achieved when the leader of a premade queues repeatedly, leaving the queue if the pop is instant. When the leader does not get a queue pop immediately, it means the server is trying to open a fresh game. At this point, he tells the rest of his team to queue and there you have it, a fresh game opens with his full team at his disposal. Horde are unable to do this and have to resort to queueing together on a countdown, a very rudimentary system which adds a massive aspect of randomness when horde attempt to play together. This is all coming from someone who has ranked on both factions, and has exalted on both factions in Av. I hold no bias in this, I just feel it would be a more enjoyable experience for everyone, and would allow horde rankers to compete more evenly with alliance premades on Av weekends. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. It's an interesting idea, and I understand where you're coming from with this, but it's not something I'd like to see happen. Maybe extend the 2 weeks with no worldbuffs to 4 weeks during progression to separate thr men from the boys, and after that give the rest the crutch they need. Also opens the door for Naxx speedruns? That would be nuts
  13. Haestingas you clearly have 0 clue what you're talking about, Nostalrius updated the pvp gear at ZG because it is, for the most part, in line with pve gear progression and makes the grind worth it. Just because you're shit at the game and get rolled by every premade, doesn't mean that the people who can actually play shouldn't be rewarded for their efforts. (more salt please) Furthermore, it wasn't in the initial timeline. There was a thread/post by Shenna that has been cited/linked in previous threads about this issue many times stating that Elysium would update the pvp gear 2 weeks after AQ40 release, still too late but at least a compromise. Therefore everyone (myself included) who ranked at launch, essentially wasted their time and ranked under false pretences. If you can't see why this is an issue then please fuck off and let the big boys talk.
  14. Tribe2


    Idiot troll, get a clue you casual rat :')
  15. Tribe2


    Try making sense next time