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  1. Vanilla wow on 3 monitors (5670x1080) Help

    Unfortunately 1.12.1 was before the days of ATI Eyefinity and nVidia Surround. I would suggest using Windowed fullscreen mode with the maximum setting for that. If your not using nVidia Surrond or Eyefinity I would start their first as they will build the monitors as one unit.
  2. Game freeze when targeting

    "Unmodded" does that mean you don't use any addons. Cause addons like Damage Meters can cause the issue your experience if they arent the correct version.
  3. I'd recommend getting the DirectX 9 SDK - Keep in mind that Windows 10 does not come with DX9 Frameworks by default and its "compatibility mode" really sucks. Most people dont have this problem as most steam games that are older include this. Short of this I'd recommend reinstalling Windows (its a step I had to do as the USB key I had was corrupted and didnt properly copy a system file at one point)
  4. Can't launch, using OS Sierra.

    You may need to chmod the folder that wow is using as it most likely is a write-permission error. You can do this by doing the following (Command) + (Spacebar) - Type Terminal Enter the following sudo chmod -R 777 /wow/folder/directory/*
  5. Keep in mind that Elysium does use DDoS and Network Filtering so you wouldn't be able to penetrate the network with ping/traceroute requests (it would go only to entry point)
  6. Looking like your peering with BHS has some routing issues. (I route through BHS (OVH's Canada DC) and it i dont experience the issues you experience. Have you tried using public dns servers such as google to help correct the routing issues?
  7. New Hardware & Funds

  8. Hello I am a new pvper

    Nice to meet you.