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    if i read this post correctly, i believe that i can only queue for vanilla wow battlegrounds with 2 friends. this is very upsetting because 3 of my friends and i just started plaaying on this server to do battlegrounds together. i will have to tell one of them to quit the game as we will not be able to queue as friends. could you make an exception or possibly increase the queue limit to 4 users. My friends and I would really like to queue with each other
  2. Hi i just wanted to say hello i am a new user on this server. My three friends and I have recently joined this world of warcraft server to re experience vanilla wow pvp. We are very excited to queue as four good friends in vanilla wow pvp battlegrounds. Us four players should be a force to be reckoned with hello. I'll catch you players in the battlegrounds in my group of 4 users queueing together as a group i cant wait to hit level 60 to queue as 4 good friends.