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  1. At least once prot paladins don't work and you have to flask to clear UBRS in real fresh you can't blame ''shitty priv server devs'' lmfao
  2. I speak the truth, and the truth hurts - even to a clown as delusional as you. Keep reporting, little man.
  3. donkey

    Fresh Realm Name?

  4. I remember when duki autismraged over paladin fixes against the same staff he now praises.
  5. You fucken donkey the Nostalrius core was given to Elysium, they did nothing from scratch =D
  6. donkey

    Another AV lose fest

    Played both factions buddy, it's still Alliance favored - you should maybe look into some introspection and find some flaws in your gameplay to figure out what's wrong.
  7. donkey

    Another AV lose fest

    Just the way the game is buddy, crying won't make it any better for you so better suck it up. Alterac Valley as a map is Alliance favored in any regard, had you played any time on Horde you'd know this.
  8. donkey

    Another AV lose fest

    Vanilla is time consuming, either get good or spend more time playing.
  9. donkey

    Another AV lose fest

    whats the problem dude
  10. donkey

    Another AV lose fest

    ROFL crying about alliance in AV when the map is heavily skewed in their favor. Get gud.
  11. donkey

    pvp delay on elysium

    It's about their spaghettiMangos code they cannot fix which causes stability issues once the server goes past 8k~ ish.
  12. yeah plenty of people are doing it
  13. donkey

    (H) To all those defeaters

    Most people that play this game are worms, is this news to you?