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  1. Reptar

    Server down again?

    It's been crashing like this for awhile and the lack of communication is really concerning. It sucks investing hundreds of hours just to have a server start crapping out and you're no longer able to play. I guess I'll take a break until there's an announcement.
  2. Reptar

    Server down again?

    Usually the crashes last about 1-2 hours and will roll you back 45-1 hour before the crash.
  3. Reptar

    Server down again?

    The whole point of this post is to find out if there is any information on server crashes, if it's a known issue, if they're going to fix it, if they need donations in order to fix the problem or any information about the nature of the problem. Of course nobody has added input, because we're completely left in the dark on the issue. That's the whole point of this thread.
  4. Reptar

    Server down again?

    I don't see how donations will help after they took in donations an upgraded to OVH MG-128 (SSD + HDD combo + HW RAID), 2x OVH MG-256 (SSD + HDD comno + HW RAID), OVH HOST-32H (HW RAID), and a backup server.
  5. Yesterday the server went down for over an hour and when I logged back in I was rolled way back and 3 quests that I completed were back in my quest log. Now the server is down again and I wouldn't be surprised if all the quests I just did will be back in my quest log. I've posted about the crashes before and everybody says there is no official announcement from devs about the issue or fixing it. The crashes are so bad it's to the point where I have to decide whether it's worth it to keep playing here. I really love this server. The questing is great, population is great, and the economy is healthy. But it's been border-line unplayable for awhile and I have very little time to play in the first place.
  6. It's been down for a long time for me. Really sucks it's always crashing.
  7. I have logged into a dead character twice but when I logged out I was alive. How am I getting killed while not logged in?
  8. Reptar

    Frequent server crashes.

    I was really starting to like this server but these crashes are killing it for me.
  9. Has anybody officially addressed this issue yet? It's been really bad for the past week. Seems like there's a server crash almost every time I play and I don't even get on that much.
  10. Still crashing ~21 hours later. It's been like this for a week. I thought they updated hardware? Has anybody officially addressed this yet?
  11. I use an addon called Auctioneer and it takes a very long time to scan the AH. I noticed that when I afk while scanning that I get logged out pretty fast. I was wondering how long does it take to go afk and get logged out? Is there a legitimate way of keeping my character from AFKing like a macro or script that would not get me in trouble? This is not for BGs, I hate afkers in BGs. This is strictly for scanning the AH.