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    What spec should i make my hunter?

    No idea, I was just answering the question.
  2. Eldoon

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    You can't be parried or blocked from behind is the short answer.
  3. I don't see why they should stop people from transferring off of Elysium to a TBC server as soon as it's released. I'd much rather play TBC than Naxx, and I think it's strange to think that I'd have to re-roll again instead of being able to transfer. I wouldn't be behind in gear for long, a few levels at most, so it's not like it would cause issues.
  4. Eldoon

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Shut up you moonbeam. People have given an explanation as to why it doesn't exist. Throwing out stuff like this will do nothing to help you at all.
  5. Eldoon

    Faction concern for a newer player.

    @Tronco Alliance is better because as soon as the Horde start fighting back they have to log on level 60s to beat them? Eh? I assume you've misread this thread is regarding leveling.
  6. Eldoon

    Lost character

    If you don't know the email address or account name for the account the character is on, the isn't anything support can do. You need to prove the account is yours.
  7. Download the addon SpamThrotle. I haven't received a single gold selling advert since.