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  1. andrenn

    Verigans fist quest

    Thanks. working on the kor gem quest chain. Got to Blackfathoms entrance but didn't know those were 20/21 elites. Needles to say, didn't last very long especially when double-teamed. But it was fun.
  2. andrenn

    Verigans fist quest

    Starting Verigans fist quest and looking for pallys to group up for the quest. Play on Darrowshire at night US EST. Toon name Andrenn lvl20 thx
  3. I'm seeing between 800-1200. online weekdays 7-9 PM EST. AH is fairly active. People like to pursue the latest. Human nature. I'm extremely casual mostly solo player and Darrowshire is perfect. PVP is a nogo. I think allowing transfers would be great. Put a price on it and use the funds for new hardware.
  4. andrenn

    High Latency

    latency has improved in recent days. 100-120 msec. yesterday. Can't complain about that. I only pve so for me it's fine.
  5. andrenn


    Sure. I'm level 18 and also in Westfall mining tin but we can level together. I usually play at night EST around 7 PM. Contact me when online My toon is Andrenn, lvl18 paladin
  6. andrenn

    High Latency

    It varies. Can go as low as 90 msec then back to 2000 msec. Logging out / on helps. 170 for pve is fine but not pvp. I think there is server in Canada but not sure.
  7. andrenn

    High Latency

    thanks Guardian. getting 1850 now with FIOS. Earlier had 90-120. Could be server latency. Too bad because I like this server. Decent pop and AH
  8. andrenn

    High Latency

    Is anyone else on the East Coast experiencing high latency? Got high as 3 sec yesterday. Today it's more reasonable 94-120. Anyone using VPN?
  9. Lag time peaked at 3 sec today and it's 1.8 sec right now. Typically, it has been around 200 msec.
  10. andrenn

    ~{A}~ Leveling Buddy

    Also looking for someone to level with. Gotta a level 11 toon. Time 7-9 PM EST (in US).
  11. Also new account. Looking for leveling with someone on Darrowshire. Playing retail WOW but I've never played vanilla. So far, Ilike it.