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  1. auctioneer question

    hi, question has.. more often than not i get "cannot match lowest price" when putting up an auction and then the suggested auction values are somewhere in between highest and lowest. the addon assuming i shouldnt go any lower..but the thing is, i could and want to. any way of forcing the addon to do so?
  2. How Vanilla, TBC going to work?

    i would think its like warmane where they have different servers running alongside each other. in that case if you want to remain vanilla,you have to do nothing and if you want to play elysium tbc you have to download the elysium tbc client which is independent from the vanilla one. thats my theory anyway
  3. TBC was when i had the most fun in wow somehow. sorry for this silly question but being rather new there an ETA for the expansion or everything still up in the air?
  4. auctioneer alternative?

    thanks guys. i shall give Aux a go
  5. the scanning time needed is way worse than i remember it...idle->kick doesnt help. pplz using something different these days? thanks
  6. arikara cannot be tamed???

    really not tameable at all? i wanted him too..
  7. Nette Leute zum Leveln gesucht

    char name? :)