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  1. I have send tickets about the accounts that have been traded among players. However, these accounts have not been banned. I have know at least an Rank 13 orc hunter named: Hailong and a orc warlock named: bbo on server Elysium are traded in Chinese trading website several times. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5345821611 This is a link to the discussion of the account with Rank 13 hunter, which has been traded several times and never been banned. The original owner makes about 1000 dollars each time he trade the account and get back through the system. As far as I know, this account has been traded at least 3 times. And one of my friends are one of the three players that has bought this account. He learned his lesson now and leveling his own Shaman. We all know this account should be banned by the rules. But even after several tickets has been submitted and the GM said he/she will be investigate properly into it. We are surprised this account is still alive. I am curious about whether or not there is a different rule for banning high rank characters? Thank you for all the works that GMs and develops have done for the community. I really appreciate it.
  2. mrcool11

    Soloing Trib

    Which alternative methods? We could discuss it to see whether it is exploiting. As far as I know, proper geared druid and rogue could do it two man.
  3. mrcool11

    Finding pick up groups

    The best way is to find a leveling guild or get more friends through questing. At the time I am leveling my rogue, I got a tank war friend. After that I went to every dungeons at right levels. In your case, you should make some dps friends.
  4. LOL sure, it released on sept. 13th, 2005.
  5. Anyone get any information about when will the Patch 1.7 applied on Elysium?