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    I just lost a full run of ZF with all quests. PJSalt
  2. Yeah, and I suppose you're right. I remember planning out DM runs with my clan in advance with event calender xD , but I also remember getting a group for UBRS in 5minutes, as a rogue. It just depends on what time of day it is and who's playing what. But yeah, you could be waiting forever for a simple 5man, especially at 4am server time. Most of what I remember from vanilla (retail) is "LF1M Tank _____"
  3. Anathema is fine. Elysium is way too over populated, not even debatable. Questing is premium cancer, but grouping for dungeons I would imagine would be either sublime or aids depending on who you group with, but at least you'll find a group almost immediately versus the 15-30min average wait to assemble a team for any low level dungeon on Anathema. As for PvP it's hard to say, I've only been ganked once by a high level player (in hillsbrad ofc) and I'm level 31. Plenty of opportunities to be ganked in Ashen and Stonetalon, but 9 times out of 10 when i run into another player we just wave and keep moving. PvP feels like a waste of time because there's rarely anyone at your current quest/farming location. As for high lvl zones I imagine them being a lot more competitive but far less toxic than Elysium's. There's always guilds spamming for new members, demand is high on everything right now except maybe warlocks and hunters from what I can tell.