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  1. So no Corrupted Blood at all then? Bummer, I wanted to experience it.
  2. Just wondering if Corrupted Blood will happen here as it did in the real WoW back in the day. I started playing WoW about a year too late to experience it firsthand, so I hope it hasn't been patched here either. I've seen the youtube videos of The Corrupted Blood Incident, and want to go through it here as it happened way back when.
  3. timk

    Changed Password But Can't Login

    I've tried changing my password 3 times in the last day, and it does not work. I got the email in my email, but there's nothing in it to click on or acknowledge to make it go through. EDIT - I got it changed. Had to click the blue link.
  4. timk

    Changed Password But Can't Login

    yeah same here just changed my password now neither one works, dafuq?
  5. I haven't played for a good month or so, due to being busy with other things, plus the drama here that had things down for a while. My dwarf hunter was up to level 18, and I don't want to keep re-running characters from level 1 every time someone here decides to reset everything. Plus, with Blizzard bringing out Vanilla servers, even though they will probably futz around for another year getting them ready before they begin, what's the sense of running a character here at all when I will probably never come back once the real realms are online?
  6. I had restored my character a couple weeks ago as directed. Now when I go to login and play, he's not there. What happened? My realmlist login file is: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org . I also tried "lights-hope" in place of "Elysium-project", but nothing is there, no character. I had made a level 1 bank alt and he's not there either. Dafuq is happening? I think the Elysium people stopped trying when Blizzard announced their upcoming Vanilla servers at Blizzcon.
  7. I'd like to login and watch some of Blizzcon while I am at home today, but I sure as hell ain't paying $40 for the privilege!!! Anyone got a login they can share? Thanks!
  8. And none of this matters once Blizzard starts up their new Vanilla servers!!!
  9. Blizzard authorized REAL Vanilla servers? Thanks Elysium, but there's no need to say any more. I'm done here. Going back to the real deal!
  10. I've never played a RP server, always only PVP. How is RP or RP-PVP different than straight PVP?
  11. How can I change my characters name? And I did search for this Q before making a new post about it.
  12. timk

    Ashes of Al'ar

    3 years ago, after playing WoW for over 7 years, I soloed Tempest Keep - The Eye on my level 95 Dwarf Hunter and Ashes of Al'ar FINALLY dropped for me! Now, to run TK with a max geared 25 man raid (with 25 competent players) for the phoenix seems insane.
  13. timk

    Elysium server

    Ya srsly, man. Get the damn thing back online already!!! Dafuq is taking so long??? I wanna play Vanilla, modern WoW isn't as much fun!!!
  14. Yes, announce it here. I don't want to go installing more software that I will only use once.