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  1. kingvalkyrik

    Improved Drain Soul not working?

    ty ty, I was curious if it was something to this.
  2. kingvalkyrik

    Why is voidwalker valued so highly?

    Everyone puts 3/3 into Improved voidwalker because I assume that while questing/grinding it's the de-facto best demon to level with. But as far as I can tell it's subpar to the imp in pretty much every conceivable way. For starters if it tanks anything more than 1 mob I'm stuck funneling health into it. Say I tank one mob and it tanks another (which is what I do with imp). It's damage is subpar and if the mob is feared / runs away it risks aggroing more (and doing less damage since it has to move > aa > move etc). Also since the void walkers damage is almost negligible I feel like my down time is greatly increased since I have to expend more mana per mob and thus life tap and eat/drink more often. Meanwhile with imp I can set it to attack one mob, while I attack another, I set up dots on my mob fear it and then set up dots on the imps mob, fear it and have me and the imp focus the other mob down and then return focus fire to the other. As far as I can tell the void walker is pretty much only useful for an "oh shit I pulled too much better let him tank as much as possible before sacrificing him while running for my life" situation. Which granted it does a lot better than the imp in that regard but the slower clear times for pretty much everything makes me wonder if an occasional corpse run is preferable to the void walker. I mean the icing on top is that I can solo elites that are my level with imp through good use of fear and I cannot do that nearly as effectively with the void walker. Edit: The only thing I can think of is that 30> mobs may start 1-2 shotting a warlock? Or the pvp application of sacrificing the void walker makes it desirable.
  3. kingvalkyrik

    Improved Drain Soul not working?

    I have 2/2 talent points in it, but <50% of the time I don't get the 100% mana regen buff... Am I just reading the talent wrong or is this bugged?
  4. kingvalkyrik

    ganker name

    ye i can only imagine your pain, definitely not 4 60 horde camping nesingwary right now and they definitely havent been doing this for the past 2 hours straight.
  5. kingvalkyrik

    Balance PvP - what gear to rank up with?

    the general consesus is that pve gear is the only gear worth having in pvp
  6. kingvalkyrik

    Druid Leveling

    I wanted to be able to world PvP so i grabbed shapeshifting / omen of clarity first before going into feral tree.
  7. kingvalkyrik

    Multi-shape Feral Leveling build

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0p0VhoZZVVc Here's my leveling build, started in balance and now I'm finishing out the resto side and then I'm not sure where I'll go... But my gear is str > int > agil > stam > spir focused, it's great against pretty much all classes in PvP so far. Just kite the melee, and melee the range.