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  1. Was just replying to that the dude above and looking to talk to some one about this.
  2. I have made an appeal and waiting to hear from a Game Master, this is so extremely depressing dude I just got ashkandi last night in BWL and I didn't even had a chance to use it. 5/6 months of hard work and effort lost and I honestly don't know the reason for it. A friend of mine told me on discord it could be because I traded gold with a mage for portal in badlands and that the mage could have been a gold seller which caused my account to get flagged or something.
  3. I dont understand why would you come out and say this dude, I am feeling extremely depressed right now dude I been playing here for 5/6 months and raiding with many guilds met some great new friends and I would never compromise account for some gold. I never done anything of that kind dude.
  4. I made an ban appeal, I don't understand why I have been banned I been playing / raiding here for 5 months i have done nothing wrong at all beside raid with few guilds that i have been in. Last night i finished my raid with a guild and today it says my account is closed. And all i wanted to do was get DM North buffs before the raid starts.
  5. Yesterday i finished my raid with my guild in blackwing lair and today i log in to try get DM North buffs and it says my wow account is closed. please can some one help find out what i can do? I have done nothing wrong what so ever.