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    Gear stats bug

    sry. i have problem with github. I do not know how to get a topic on bug tracker. Im registred but can not respond or add a new topic to a bug tracker .
  2. mezky

    Gear stats bug

    "My gear has stats that look wrong" or "my friend says that his stats give +X while I can see that they give +Y" I deleted folder WDB and problems not disappear. I instaled a whole new wow and the problem did not disappear. I have question: Repar it the new patch? Thanks for answer. player on elysium Mezky.
  3. Hi guys i have problem with id to dire maul instances and i got it id (ID 100) and id not have reset time. this problem i hve cca 1 week. Thanks. Mezky (elysium pvp ,player mezky)
  4. Please change my character name is Mezkyc from Anathema to Elysium thanks when you want money i willing pay for it.