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  1. Disconnected from server all the time

    Try to deactivate Addons -> restart Game -> Login an see if the Game works without Spikes. If it works you NORMALY can activate the Addons again =)
  2. Disconnected from server all the time

    Greetings @Raenerys, Do you get Disconnected on Nighthaven or on the PTR?
  3. Thanks for 4K

    Greetings ^^ Technicaly you can increase the FPS with lowering the anti aliasing cuz you dont need it on max at 4k resolution :D Cheers, Kruxis
  4. Greetings @Sergo5 ^^ There are a couple of Things you could try =) Run WoW.exe as Administrator ("Rightclick on wow.exe-> run as Administrator") Reinstall the Game ( Beginner's Guide ) IMPORTANT! Install the Game to C:\ or something else. NOT in Programms/Programms x86! If nothing helps just Reply again here =) Cheers, Kruxis
  5. Moving Character

    Greetings @noss This Feature is not available atm. But maybe ist possible later. =) Cheers, Kruxis
  6. Was my account banned or lost?

    Greetings @timenevil Pleas check this site if you think you got Banned: Cheers, Kruxis
  7. Stuck at connected

    Greetings, Yasterday the Server got stuck in a Connection state. This Problem got solved and the Server is back online! If you want realtime updates about the Server at any time make sure to join our Discord Server =) Cheers, Kruxis
  8. Hey ho @Frozzzy As DarknessCalls allready sayd. Try to Disable your Addons and Enable em after you Successfully passed the Quest. Otherwise pleas contact a GM with the In-Game Ticket System =) Greetings, Kruxis
  9. I Cant queue for bg's like wsg and im lvl 19

    Hey ho @JustJakk12 ^^ Pleas contact for any ingame issue a GM throught the Ticket System. Simply press the Red Questionmark on the Bottom of the Screen and follow the Instructions =) Greetings, Kruxis
  10. Character Restoration

    Greetings @Greim Unfortunately old Characters on Stratholme won’t be available until The Burning Crusade gets Released. Nighthaven is a fresh realm with new Characters. There are also no transfers onto Nighthaven. But i hope you have fun on Nighthaven 'til The Burning Crusade is online :) Cheers, Kruxis
  11. Whats your favorite game!!

    My favorite Games are: Rocket League, ARK: Survival evolved and Vanilla Wow :3
  12. Ruul Snowhoof quest npc not spawning.

    Hey ho ^^ @Devoke Pleas submit a In-Game Ticket to a GM for any In-Game issues :3 Simply press the red Questionmark at the Bottom of the Screen -> Click "Issues that GMs can assist with" -> Click "Quest/Quest NPC" -> Click (again :D) "Report Quest/NPC Issue" and write down your problem as detaild as possible. A GM is gona look over it as soon as he got the Time for it. So pleas be patient about the responsetime. I hope i could help you with that Issue. Cheers, Kruxis
  13. Preferable faction and class on server

    Hey @DeathKide ^^ It doesnt matter wich site you are choosing. I choose the Horde because i love the Volkes there. I picked Shamain because hes a showoff badass :D But all you do. Depends on what you prefer. SO my advice. Try both and at least every class to Level 30-40. Then you know what you want ;) Cheers, Kruxis
  14. Account suspended - Moju

    Hey hey ^^ @Moju I recognise a Message like "Everyone with a Suspended Account has to Change theyr Password and wait a bit" Or i was Daydreaming. Anyways try that pleas. OTHERWISE Check out our Ban Appeal Information site to get further Information's about your Account standing and how to verify it. Cheers, Kruxis
  15. Username

    Hey ho @thealphabubble I send you a PM ;)