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  1. Kruxis

    Character deleted?

    Greetings @obeejuan! We are a Vanilla WoW (v1.12) private server. We have nothing to do with Battle for Azeroth. If you deleted the characters you can restore them in our shop for a little pledge. If you didn't delete them, try to figure out the account name so we can look into this. Cheers, Kruxis
  2. Kruxis

    is server population good?

    Our population was at 1.4-1.7 2 months ago. Now we reach between 1.7-2.5k players during EU primetime which is GMT+1 6pm-10pm. ~Kruxis
  3. Greetings players! It took a bit longer but here it is the October changelog! Raids: AQ40: - Fixed issue where tentacles in "maw of C’thun" were able to regenerate health if no one was in the stomach. - Fixed explosion mechanic on Anubisath Defender. - Corrected health of Twin Emperors in Ahn'Qiraj. - Skeram images on creation now have the same amount of mana as the original. This is Blizzlike and has finally been implemented. ZG: - Venoxis no more despawn for a long time, also a bit refactoring and issue with no respawn cobras in server shutdown case. Dungeons: - Fixed exploit with tribute chest in Dire Maul. - A system implemented to prevent level boosting in an instance (outside of normal, legitimate ways). Classes: Warrior: - Battle Shout rank 6 will now generate threat properly. Mage: - Arcane Missiles will no longer lose trigger effect (issue #872). Items: - Fixed random property assignment on vendor items (Shimmering Gloves). - Shimmering Gloves finally have correct properties. *shakes fist* - Fire Ruby Item now will lose charge only by fire-school spell hit. - Bobbing Apple "Well Fed" buff added. Quests: - Fixed quest description - Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village (issue #919). - Fixed quest - The Stones That Bind Us (issue #902). - Fixed quest - Dead man Plea (issue #920) - Fixed issue when the player hadn`t pick up an item for the quest 'Ledger from Tanaris' (item 11727). Also, it had a spawn time more than need. Misc: - Fixed issue with change faction/race service: Players with guild leader position now will be removed from Guild Leader position by default. - Fixed faction for Chef Torka. He’s rejoined the Horde! - Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan is now trainable by the appropriate NPC. - Various guards have been added to counter safe spotting. - Improvements to anti-cheat /antispam systems to more easily detect occurrences. - Some changes to cryptography, improving system security. - Implement new drone system, that will automatically update our PTR server so our QA team will be able to test things immediately after a developer pushes a fix. - Fixed found memory leak. - Add Automatic Firework Launcher. - More protection from spammers.
  4. Kruxis

    Nov. 4th release date???

    Greetings @juztnturkey! No, the release date is not fix. We still work on it and aim for the first quarter of 2019! Cheers, Kruxis
  5. Kruxis

    Discord Banned, how to unban?

    You should be unbanned. Cheers, Kruxis
  6. [Solved] Uninstalling and reinstalling graphics driver Cheers, Kruxis
  7. The latest content progression step for Nighthaven provides two new exciting events for the players. The opening of Ahn'Qiraj and the War effort. Prepare yourself for Patch 1.9, The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj at 4th of August 12:00 am GMT+1. Ahn'Qiraj Travelers noticed the anxious behavior of the scarabs and bugs. They tried to find the source of their fear and followed the creatures. After a long walk trough the rough and sandy land of Silithus, they ended up at the sealed gates of Ahn'Qiraj. A horrifying growl rises from below the ground they've stood on. Something evil and ancient started to move again. The old god C'Thun plans to breach the magical barrier and inflict the land with his horde of Qiraji. War Effort We're back with another Classic event, The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj are sealed by powerful magic, and to open them, an elite guild must brave a number of trials to reconstruct a long-lost artifact: the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. Both Alliance and Horde must work together to gather war supplies for the combined army of the two factions. Cooperation is key to the success of Nighthaven! Prepare for battle fellow players, this exhilarating event in WoW history will begin on August 4th, 2018. War Effort adjustments After numerous complaints and feedback from players the Elysium staff went through multiple discussions and planning. We came to the conclusion to launch the War effort (AQ Patch 1.9) completely blizzlike. On Tuesday August 7th, 2018, The War effort will be reviewed to see (if any) adjustments that will be needed to keep the resource quantity amount reasonable for our current player base. Quests A huge amount of quests got added to Patch 1.9. Click the spoiler for a full list of all added quests. New Items Several new items got added to the game: Social Media Stay Up-to-Date with our latest Announcement's and Updates on our Social Media Platforms.
  8. Kruxis

    Discord Banned, how to unban?

    Greetings @Huntitude, please tell me when you got banned, why you got banned and your discord name.
  9. Kruxis

    Problems Logging Back In

    Greetings. Probably some threads got stuck. Deleting your WDB and WTF folder in the wow directory should do the trick. Else you need to reinstall WoW Cheers, Kruxis
  10. Kruxis

    My characters lost

    We are all waiting 😄 To explain it a bit. We plan to merge Darrowshire and Elysium pvp into Nighthaven soon. Within the next weeks. Every character which got merged obtain a force rename and a cap of mats + maximum of 1000g per character (this is still discused) Anatherna however needs to wait for the release if TBC at the end of 2018. Cheers, Kruxis
  11. Kruxis

    I lost my character i help

    Greetings, if you played before october 2017, then your characters are unavailable at the moment. But we plan to merge Darrowshire and Elysium PvP into Nighthaven soon. Anatherna how ever gets merged into TBC which launches at the end of 2018. Cheers, Kruxis
  12. Kruxis

    Creating a TBC open beta account

    Greetings @Danken, the answer is pretty simple. The registration was temporary closed. Now we reopend it again =) Cheers, Kruxis
  13. Nah i wqs just asking, in case this thread needs more support. But doesnt look like it.
  14. Kruxis

    Copyright notice

    @IridiumVector Greetings, i recommend for the future to download the client here http://elysium-project.org/howtoplay/en As long as you don't get inpost to your home about copyright etc, its not of value. Probaly E-mail pishing. Just delete it =) Cheers, Kruxis
  15. Kruxis

    Restoring character

    You can click on restore password on the Homepage. Use the mail you used with your old account. If that worked, send me per PRIVATE MESSAGE your old email and i look up your accountname. Cheers, Kruxis