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  1. Considering they're gonna put the Anathema server onto the patch where this feature got put in in not too long (2.0.1), I'm not entirely sure that's correct. Yes, it would require a clientside patch, but so is the update to tbc gonna do anyway, and I know a lot of WoWs interface settings are saved in fairly neatly compiled files, so it's unlikely this is a question of if they can do it. Carnival and Natur are the same addons I'm pretty sure.
  2. Honestly, to some extent I'm starting to think a better change would be to discourage the rep farm, cause by making it easier more people may find it viable to bother to do the rep farm, resulting in the npc being dead even more. I'm more on the neutral side of things now. The only change I think I'd find better would be decreasing his respawn timer to once a minute, which would have the same effect as making his rep to +5 instead, but instead making it a terrible grind for the people who want to do it and leaving more windows of opportunity for alliances who want to vendor stuff
  3. Cause while I don't want to make the job they're doing seem easy, changing an integer from 1 to 5 is easy enough to be worth it for the people who ever want to have a vendor available for the alliance in the badlands
  4. Hence why I bring up the term "quality of life". It's not a change the changes the game for people who want the vanilla experience, it just takes some of the inconvenience/poorly thought out ideas by blizz in 2006 and builds on it, refining some of the shortcomings of the designs at the time.
  5. Which is exactly why it's not a particularly damaging change either.
  6. I think it's fair to say this is a quality of life change that anyone should be able to get behind, alliance, horde or purist
  7. Yes, it wasn't in vanilla, but if you wanted to tank or in some cases DPS you're kinda forced to install an addon if you want it, and the fact that it's not present in vanilla was kinda weird, considering interupts are already in the game at this point. The same can obviously be said about threat meters, but unlike threat meters, enemy cast bars did eventually become an option, in I think 2007. Having the vanilla cast bars available instead of quartz or Natur (both of which thematically have a different style than the vanilla WoW bar) seems like an option that shouldn't be too damaging to the vanilla feel. (I mean, Kick for rogues is practically impossible to use efficiently without addons, which seems really backwards) Don't wanna make a huge post about it, but would like to know what some good arguments against this are
  8. When I play with groups, we always get a whisper at the same time (+-5 seconds), so just blocking anyone sending whispers more than once every few seconds (incredibly unrealistic for someone who is legit) to several different people would certainly slow it down by a ton. To the extent where it likely shouldn't bother people too much, cause the rarity of the whispers would go down by a huge margin