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  1. Boaty McBoatface

    Cannot join WSG as level 11 hunter?

    Aren't you dead weight at 11 anyway?
  2. Boaty McBoatface

    Pingreducers not working

    The game itself has a worse and worse delay as time is going on. That 40ms from those tools isn't making a difference.
  3. Boaty McBoatface

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    That's actually hilarious running out of IDs for guilds and mail. Does the client only accept the first 5 digits of an integer or something?
  4. Boaty McBoatface

    Questions about AFKing

    What @Dekoos said. Give your addons way more memory and it shouldn't. I haven't been DCed during full scans which I'm afk for.
  5. Boaty McBoatface

    Resolution stuck in 4:3 with a 16:9 monitor

    Not that I have a solution, but just to confirm it is possible: I get up to ultra-wide as an option.