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    Anathema characters?

    Many thanks!!!
  2. Razki

    Anathema characters?

    Hello! When there will start restoration Anathema characters? I thought they should be merged with other realm characters at Nighthaven? And will there will be available for em to join TBC server as soon as it launch? Kind regards!
  3. Hey guys! What sword looks better? BRE: Cata Edge:
  4. Razki

    Character items

    Greetings! Note: the situation is around Anathema realm. To be fair, I'm highly sorry about my actions... I had some issues in real live, there were pretty lots of alcohol, relations problems and depression. So in that "inadequate" state I lost all my character's items, including mounts, gear, weapons, resist sets etc... My character was really good geared (had DFT and other rare items). Well, I know now(after communications with GM) that according to policy there's no restoring for non-quest items, but I'm really highly pray to review this situation. I'm really wants to raid Naxxramas, but its impossible for me nowadays (to be fair, I'm always(99.9999% of time, 100% mature and adequate person, well the persons who thinks "only retards can do stupid things" are true dreamers). Quest items restoring option wouldn't fix my issue, since almost all my items are non-quests, so restoring quest items will provide me only ring and shoulder... As for warrior thats not enough even for low lvl instances. PvP items isn't available for me cause I'm PvP Rank1 nowadays, so to buy PvP set I need to rank up to R6 w/o gear... yeah good option XD Any guild would invite me in such gear, and I even can't get pre-raid items cause of Anathema 500-700 online during my timezone, so its impossible to get peoples who can help you to get loots. I'm not even asking about restoring all my items, just items I needed for raiding... Realmplayers saved my character and its dpsranking(was top3 in BWL ranking), also I have many screenshots if you will needed em. I understanding that you can answer, just praying to review that policy, at least in rare situations (and/or for low pop realms) P.S. Oh yeah, and I was using 2FA if you're interesting.