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  1. Drakova

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Mage silence is a BIG DEAL, and stacking arcane resist is pretty useless. Getting some arcane resist because it's randomly included in good pieces is legit though, well atleast until that blasted AV ring comes out in which a random 20 arcane resist will do nothing. ALSO.... (I can never shut up lol) Being locked out of holy spells is WAY worse then curse of tongues because in organized PvP your team mates can spam remove a cruse, a fear, a seduce. If you are spell locked from a silence your team is screwed because even when you remove the silence you still can't cast. Furthermore, that all the things you mentioned before you can bubble out of. If you are spell locked from holy you can't even bubble.
  2. Drakova

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Well the idea is you have shadow resist gear mixed in with your silence resist rings and necklace. In general I would only have about half of the plus healing gear that I would take to PvE and way more stuff to ignore CC. If you have full T1 for example and shadow aura with unyielding faith you will be resisting a lot of shadow based CC. PS: I am Drakova Credit to your point though. Murmuring ring and stuff won't hold up to late game items so I should of said hands down best pre raid. I meant more like best early game healing items in organized PvP. I don't really think about including end game items in a build meant to farm mid game items.
  3. Drakova

    Bonereaver's Edge and SoCru

    With my current items I have for ret reckoning I am thinking using SoCru for my main DPS seal when fighting casters. Things to Consider: 1) SoCru doesn't seem to actually lower my damage per hit, just makes me attack 40% faster with a large attack power bonus I actually hit harder per hit too. 2) Frost Oil and Imp Blessing of Freedom will help avoid people from simple just jousting my DPS advantage. So I can now sit on my enemies and if they got even faster weapons then me I don't care because I have reckoning. 3) I can get a lot more BRE armor debuff stacks with SoCru and it has an exponential effect because the more it procs the more it refreshes old procs. It's impossible to get it to stack almost with command but very easy with SoCru against cloth classes that don't have high dodge/parry. 4) I can still Judge Command when I stun my target is stunned. 5 I can still use SoC against enemies who have high delay weapons that I don't want to parry haste. (IE: MS Warriors) 6) I don't have any spell power plate and my mana pool is tiny so spamming JoCommand ATM isn't really possible anyways currently. 7) If I am getting purged spammed I can still use rank 1 SoC for a DPS boost. 8) If I am fighting a caster that escapes and have to switch to like a feral druid in the middle of heated combat. I can still use SoCru to judge on the feral and start using command. 9) Against cloth classes it seems my reck bombs with SoCru are getting about 400 damage bonus on average from the attack power bonus, which is less then what command proc would do but (b/c it can crit).... my next swing is also about 40% faster. So between speeding up the next swing and the increased attack power on my white attacks I think it's pretty much the same burst as command when fully stacked against lightly armored enemies. 10) I can use a resist aura against a caster and lose almost no damage. 11) There is no spell power plate so spamming JoC on cool down is just kind of bad DPS. By not planning on spamming judgements so I can focus less on int and grab even more str stam and crit chance. Anyways, I plan to try this build out on live stream. I will be sporting 2.3k mana and PvPing. Aren't I a special snowflake.
  4. Drakova

    ZG patch and BRE?

    Yeah I am seeing the triple stack when I play with my BRE now.
  5. So a little birdy told me that the BRE was getting it's triple armor debuff this ZG patch? Is this true? Anyone know?
  6. Drakova

    ZG patch and BRE?

    Sup fellow wannabe paladins! Do you guys know if my BRE will upgrade this upcoming ZG patch on Elysium or do we still have to wait till AQ40? I've heard from people on the private realm that the triple armor debuff has been implemented this ZG patch.
  7. Drakova

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Xaph is correct. You will still have 15% chance to ignore interrupt because of imp conc only.
  8. Drakova

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Hands down best PvP healing build for premading. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxuRgotVMxcMh 2x murmuring rings voice amplifaction modulator Shadow and arcane resist gear mixed in in combination with other stuff will have you floating around 40% silence resist. (enjoy) http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18345 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=16009
  9. Drakova

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Are we sure that's not original wow content? HAHA
  10. Drakova

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    T1 Paladin VS T1 Warlock Full Lawbringer w/ Fire Resist Librams and Shoulder Enchant (29 SR, 79 FR) Necklace: Eidolon Talisman (15 SR) *from AH* Ring: 2x Green Rings from AH (38-42 SR) *from AH* Cloak: Juno's Shadow /w Shadow Enchant (25 SR) *from AH* Relic: Libram of Hope Trinkets: 2x Shadow Reflector or 1x Shadow + Fire Reflector or PvP Trinket + Shadow Reflector Primary Weapon: Unstoppable Force (life steal) Take a Holy Reckoning build (26/25/0) and with the high delay weapon and iron circle from your Lawbringer. With your shadow resist aura on you will have 210 shadow resist and 79 FR. You can see me dueling warlocks with some of this gear and not the correct spec and see how strong it is. If you do the full workup you will frustrate the hell out of them.
  11. Drakova

    Improved Seal of Righteousness talent

    My end game suit with trinket up will be about 490 SP. Can we fix this? How can I get help get this going. What proof do we really have? What do we need?
  12. Drakova

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    Early Game Ret PvP Suit Legs, Feet, Chest, Shoulders, Waist, Bracers: 6 piece Lightforge or 6 piece Valor Helmet: Lionheart Helmet (8 STR) Gauntlets: Stronghold Gauntlets (15 AGI.... or Riding Skill or 7 STR) Necklace: Mark of Fordring Ring: Painweaver Band, Myrmidon's Signet Cloak: Stonesking Gargoyle Cape (3 agi) Relic: Libram of Hope Trinkets: Hand of Justice and (Insignia of the Alliance or Blackhand's Breadth) Primary Weapon: Arcanite Reaper, Blackhand Doomsaw, Ice Barbed Spear, The Nicker (Crusader) This is what you can expect to do in this gear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6IGw37_YrA
  13. Drakova

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    Raidless Control Suit Full Field Marshal Armor Suit Waist: Zandalar Freethinker's Belt Bracers: Zandalar Freethinker's Armbracers Necklace: Hero's Band Ring: Dun Julio's Band, Blackstone Ring Cloak: Cloak of the Honor Guard Relic: Libram of Hope Trinkets: Hand of Justice and (Insignia of the Alliance or Blackhand's Breadth) Primary Weapon: Grand Marshal's Claymore (Crusader) Secondary Weapon: Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer (Weapon Chain) Note: A suit of armor with good stats you can make without every doing a 40 man raid. Sick synergy that allows you to stun with longer duration and shorter holy light casting times. This means every 35 seconds you can attempt to stun your target and cast double holy light on yourself. You will have lots of HP and manna with this build so the double holy light will be utilized well. This suit works amazing with many different retribution specs. You can test run this suit with rank 10 PvP armor and Zin'rokh but not the Unstoppable Force because that will ruin your stun combo.
  14. Drakova

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    Lawbringer Mid/Early Game Free Win Dueling Suit Full Lawbringer Suit (movespeed, riding speed, stamina) Necklace: Amulet of the Darkmoon Ring: Lorekeeper's Ring 2x (lvl 58, lvl 48) Cloak: Stormpike Sage's Cloak (+5 all resist) Relic: Libram of Fervor Trinkets: Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom and (Darkmoon Card: Heroism or Heart of Wyrmthalak) 1 Hand Weapon: Skullforge Reaver (Life Steal) 2 Hand Weapon: The Unstoppable Force (Life Steal) Shield: Immovable Object (Thorium Spike) Talents: 25/26/0 Holy Reckoning and 19/32/0 Protection Holy Reckoning Talents: 5 Divine Intellect, 5 Spiritual Focus, 5 Improved SoR, 3 Healing Light, Consecration, 5 Illumination, Divine Favor, 5 Redoubt, 3 Precision, 2 Guardian's Favor, 3 Shield Specialization, 3 Improved HoJ, Blessing of Sanctity, 5 Reckoning Protection Talents:: 5 Divine Intellect, 5 Spiritual Focus, 5 Improved SoR, 3 Healing Light, Consecration, 5 Redoubt, 3 Precision, 2 Guardian's Favor, 3 Shield Specialization, 3 Improved HoJ, Blessing of Sanctity, 5 Reckoning, 5 Imp 1 Hand Spec, Holy Shield Also see what this armor can do in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AF0bWe-fmI&t=217s NOTE: When your guild is lame and won't let you roll on anything but tier 1 gear because no one else can use it. Don't worry it's secretly OP.
  15. Drakova

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    END GAME SPELL RECKONING SUIT Full Avenger's Set (174 SP w/ shoulder enchant) Belt: Belt of the Grand Crusader (21 SP) Gauntlets: Righteous Champion (16 SP) Necklace: Choker of the Fire Lord (34 SP) Ring: Band of Accuria, Ring of Spell Power (33 SP) Note: I would never take the Ring of the Fallen God as Paladin doesn't use spell hit. Cloak: Cloak of the Brood Lord (28 SP) Relic: Libram of Fervor Trinkets: Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom, The Restrained Essence of Sapphiron (170 SP) Weapon: Might of Menethil (30 SP or Life Steal) Talents: 0/25/26 Spell Reckoning Protection: 5 Redoubt, 3 Precision, 2 Guardian's Favor, 4 Toughness, 3 Shield Specialization, 3 Improved HoJ, 5 Reckoning Retribution: 5 Improved BoM, 2 Improved Judgment, 3 Imp SoCru, 3 Vindication, 5 Conviction, 1 SoC, 2 Eye for an Eye, 3 Two-Hand Weapon Specialization, Sanctity Aura, 1 Vengeance NOTE: SHADOW OIL IS OP!