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  1. VixenRain

    Nothing helps, Disconnected from server

    You are like the most awesome person in the world right now haha. All this time and THAT was my problem. <333333333
  2. VixenRain

    Nothing helps, Disconnected from server

    Thats what i meant by renaming it...Renaming the inside of it from the Worldofwarcraft.us one to this one. I editted my post as to not confuse anyone else
  3. I've done everything I can think of, not all listed here but I've done probably everything. Idk what to do anymore. I've editted the realmlist. I've tried doing the whole dns server thing suggested by someone else. I've restarted my modem I've even reinstalled to see if something was wrong. But nothing is working. It's not a instant "Disconnected from server" though. I says "Connecting" for about 8 whole seconds before telling me I was disconnected. Could someone please help me. A friend of mine said that sometimes you have to wait after you make a new account before it registers, and that his friend had to wait a whole day. Could that be it?