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    Development Update 04.10.2017

    Seeing all these corrections makes me think that not all things are correct from original wow and are addressed when known and can be fixed. here are two things I have found to show discrepancies, at least I believe they are. Can anyone address the discrepancy with expected xp on quests from aowow database and what we get on this server. Some quests are spot on, some are much higher. Is the aowow database wrong or is there some modifier going on in Elysium realm? Second question is the fleeing in fear mobs don't seem to flee any slower than when slowed by say hamstring. In fact, origional wow had them flee at normal run speeds unless slowed by us, (i knew this problem very very much playing a paladin with no slow), is this intentional or a bug? If this is not the appropriate area to address these issues please direct me to where patching stuff should be spoken about. Thank you for your hard work.