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  1. Setting aside the various ethical debates around the server split I would like to see this point addressed by official staff (and preferably not in a passive aggressive manner).
  2. Jasrahni

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    The only problem with that is that there appears to be zero transparency on donations as it is; what happens if PVE players cover the costs but then we are told that didn't happen so we get merged into the PVP realm?
  3. Jasrahni

    DC'd - can't get back in

    Whee it's alive ^^
  4. Jasrahni

    DC'd - can't get back in

    Is it a maintenance thing or just an outage? I'm new here too so I don't know if Monday mornings are normally downtime :)
  5. Jasrahni

    DC'd - can't get back in

    Still down, tweeted but no response, at this rate I'm going to have to do some actual work :<
  6. Jasrahni

    DC'd - can't get back in

    Maybe it's offline while they ninja merge it & Anathema (which is also down) into Elysium xD
  7. Jasrahni

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Have the staff said for definite that Darrowshire will be merged? Would like to know before I spend any more time levelling as I'd rather not play than play on a pvp realm.
  8. Voted PVE, would rather smear jam on my eyeballs and stick my head in a wasps nest than PVP. If the server does merge with the PVP one then I guess I'll either reroll on Crestfall PVE or go elsewhere (whether that be a different server or game I dunno).