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    Best professions while leveling a mage

    for leveling?dont learn any professions before you get 60,or it's ganna waste too much time to up it.
  2. cnzjs

    How to use managem without lag?

    Hi everyone: as a mage,when you're casting,the worst thing is cast broken,so I thought macro can fix some,I made a macro like: /cast Counterspell /cast Frostbolt and when you're casting Frostbolt,if your target start to cast something,you just keep clicking this macro so you will do Counterspell without any lag and keep casting Frostbold without any lag. But,when I try to do this with managem,like: /use "Mana Ruby" /cast Frostbolt The strange things happens:you just keep casting Frostbolt,and dont use ManaRuby(Unless you dont have enough mana to cast a frostbolt),but if you use this macro when you're moving,you do use ManaRuby,anyone can help me?