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    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    Thanks for the reply! How'd you arrive at the numbers for each dps increase? I've been theorycrafting hard with a friend who I inspired to write a sim for feral druids. So far reaching crit cap seems to be much more important than adding on AP once you're past a certain AP threshold, and that AP threshold is easily reachable with raid buffs + weight stones. I'll personally be experimenting a bit in the next few weeks by swapping out some strength enchants for agi ones, consuming more for agi, and possibly even dropping down to 6-8% hit in order to stack more stats / boost my crit.
  2. Nostalian

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    I'm curious about why the threshold for agi > strength is 33% crit - how was this derived? Is it because once 1/3 of your attacks will crit, ap is somehow better? I go over 40% crit fully raid buffed and have tried using squid + scorpok assay instead of roids + sunfruit in order to gain another ~3% crit with kings, since I figure the closer I am to 45% crit, the closer I am to an average of 5 more crits per 100 attacks. But I'm not sure how to approach weighing those 5 extra crits per 100 attacks against the added dps increase that more ap would give all my attacks.
  3. Nostalian

    Nostalian's Druid Macros!

    Thanks for linking your macros to me! Unfortunately, though, my question was regarding cancelling mounts using lines like '/unbuff nightsaber' and your cat form macro doesn't seem to include an alternative to this. Do you use the EzDismount addon that someone mentioned in the second link you gave me? How does that addon implement dismounting?
  4. Nostalian

    Nostalian's Druid Macros!

    Hi everyone! I'm Nostalian from <SECURITY> on Elysium-PVP, where I currently raid as a feral DPS. I wanted to share a google doc of Druid macros that I wrote way back in April when I hit 60. At the time, I was super frustrated with how cluttered my bars had become. That frustration inspired me to write a bunch of macros that consolidated many of my abilities and freed up my bars. Have a look, play around with them, and reach out with any feedback/criticism! I appreciate it all and hope some of you find the macros helpful. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pbKrmcxE9NrGIvKReQeMjTpdQFKadhI7EV65rQGK0tM Additionally, I have a question about supermacro: I read somewhere that /unbuff is a slow command because of its implementation. I currently have a few /unbuff lines in my cat form macro for mounts - do you think this creates a substantial amount of delay when using the macro to powershift? I definitely don't notice any delay, but next raid I might just place the cat form spell on my bar to powershift with instead and see if I notice a marginally faster powershift time.