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  1. I don't consider it "full blown Nazi" to close a thread that is, IMO, designed to bait and create an argument rather than reasonable discussion. I am sorry you feel that way.
  2. Vartonis

    Josip Broz = Dobar Skroz ?

    A'zor A'hai, actually. Praise R'hellor!
  3. Going to preemptively close this thread.
  4. Going to lock this topic as it's a subjective matter of opinion, and some of the opinions are getting overly salty. No side is right, no side is wrong. The thought behind this is to help encourage the other parts of the game in addition to organized PvE. There is also Wpvp, and organized BGs, as well as solo rank farming. It is a small change that doesn't have an economical impact on the masses, and shouldn't be inhibiting quality players finding slots in raid guilds. Cheers, Vartonis
  5. Vartonis

    Spectrum Popo Rolled Up

    They send out these emails to anyone who downloads pretty much anything from a torrent. Now that you are done with the download, I would delete the torrent program. Spectrum can not track what you are doing by playing Elysium.
  6. Raids bring the player. Be good at what you do, and you will find a spot.
  7. I would assemble all evidence you have, and open a ticket. GMs have the ability to monitor and watch to determine if there is an issue.
  8. Vartonis

    ZG or Lag Poll

    Locking this thread. @Jellydonut you've been warned repeatedly about things like this.
  9. I think it's best to refer to the official announcements and keep an eye on upcoming information. I want to say that I appreciate the positive discussion, and lack of degradation in this thread. Sadly, it seems many other threads lately are being plagued by negativity. This is a large project, full of volunteers. I thank you all for recognizing that, and making appropriate discussion.
  10. Going to lock this thread. Not because I side with the OP or the guild, but simply because bumping threads every few days to keep the information at the top is not productive. Those wishing to search for guilds will find this thread. Cheers, Vartonis
  11. Vartonis

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    Let's keep things civil. There was no Reason to degrade productive discussion. Cheers, Vartonis
  12. Vartonis

    Looked Where You Said

    I will echo Stodola's words, and the locking of the previous two threads. Your frustration is understandable, however there's nothing that can be added other than the volunteer devs work hard to make Elysium as good of a product as They can. Please check the official twitter, forum, and reddit announcements should you have specific concerns. Please do not make another thread about something that has been addressed multiple times. I am sorry you are frustrated, this is the best we can do.
  13. Going to lock this thread now, it's getting unproductive.
  14. Greetings Everyone, Going to lock this topic due to the degrading nature of it. PvP can bring out the best and worst in players. In the end, try to remember this is a game, and to have fun.
  15. Vartonis

    why is Elysium > Anathema

    Greetings Arcancism, I think you will find plenty of pros and cons for both servers. I'll leave the forum goers to discuss those. I think that it is safe to say that Anathema is farther progressed than Elysium, with a much smaller population. If you browse both servers' forums, you will find much discussion regarding what that means to different people. Thanks, Vartonis