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  1. Turnip

    No me llega el correo de verificación :(

    Me alegro mucho de que se haya resuelto. mucha suerte fiera!
  2. Turnip

    Is it too late to start?

    It is not late to start, Elysium is still fresh with many players doing all kinds of content at all times. From low level isntances to raids. Not sure about Darrowshire and Anathema. Regards, Turnip.-
  3. Turnip


    Hello, I'm locking this thread as this is the most it will come of it. Regards, Turnip.-
  4. Turnip

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    The only problem I see with this thread is that people will troll the voting
  5. Turnip

    Server swaps

    Hello, At this moment there are no transfers aviable.
  6. It'snot easy as it seems to unoatch and then patch the game, the staff is surely doing their best.
  7. Turnip

    No me llega el correo de verificación :(

    En verdad es muy extraño, has seguido los pasos de registro como corresponden? Asumo que es muy dificil errarle 7 veces a la direccion de mail, has revisado la casilla de spam?
  8. Turnip

    Question for Stodola

    All the communications are done through the announcments forums and twitter. Cheers! Turnip.-
  9. This topic was long dead, there is not much else to discuss. Best tip is: do something else for a while
  10. AFKing is never accepted and you should make an ingame ticket with picturse or video (pref) as evidence. Please refrain from posting characters names as witch hunts are not tolerated.
  11. Turnip

    Spectrum Popo Rolled Up

    Ok the thing is that you downloaded the client. Even a 1 time download can get you that notice. Playing the server wont. You should delete the torrent from the program you are using (torrents work peer2peer if you have the torrent in the program it will seed it for other people). And that is why they send you the notice.
  12. Turnip

    about money looted

    I'm pretty sure you can change that in the chat options. All bugs have to be reported on the github.
  13. Turnip

    Problemas del servidor

    Buenas, paso a cerrar el tema por que ya paso bastante tiempo. No duden en abrir otro si vuelve a pasar. Saludos, Turnip.-
  14. Turnip

    Problema con reino Elysium

    Como ya han dicho, seguramente el servidor estaba en mantenimiento o caído. Los mantenimientos son una vez por semana (los regulares). Y suele suceder que el servidor caiga aunque es poco comun. Saludos, Turnip.-