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    DME Farming

    Haha classic noob-who-cant-accept-he's-a-noob-reply
  2. Bunzing

    DME Farming

    Tevon, are you dense? This topic is about where you spawn when you reset instance and /camp out. And FYI as a mage you can pull the 4 packs downstairs in one pull. Also optional but requires a lot of practice you can pull the death lash elites and the satyrs and aoe them down. With 3 lockouts per hour doing just the aoe packs downstairs I could make 150g+ per hour and even more before they nerfed the droprates.
  3. Bunzing

    DME Farming

    They completely ruined the most efficient way of farming in the game... Thanks Elysium! I have 3 mages to do 3 lockouts in an hour... Completely wasted now. Guess it's back to Mara farming on my huntard.