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    Elysium - Hero of the Stormpike

    Hi , i did AV yesterday and won it and when i turned in my quests , i was not able to get the next quest of the battle quest that gives you the reward , therefore i cannot get the weapon i want , alot of people have the weapon , therefore it worked for all of them and anyone i ask tell me the exact steps they have done and that i have done exactly the same thing , i tried to create a ticket ingame and a gm called Lynck responded to me and all he said was that the quest is bugged and i have to wait untill they fix the quest , where obviously the quest works and im the one that have my character bugged with it , all im asking is a little help , but the GM did not care and closed my ticket after i waited more then 24hrs which is really rude because all of the waiting and at the end you dont even get the minimum help Server : Elisyium character : Achiles , level 55 human warrior name of the item : Ice barbed Spear name of the quest : Hero of the Stormpike If any kind of support could be provided it would be greatly appreciated