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  1. Da-name checks out

    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    Let's go, so hyped!
  2. Da-name checks out

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Seriously though, what about "Renaissance"?
  3. Da-name checks out

    Fresh Realm Name?

    At least, we'll finally have a fresh option. LH didn't want to give people one, now we will.
  4. Da-name checks out

    Fresh Realm Name?

    How about "awakening"?
  5. This, the guys at LH are so mad right now, because they know how big of a threat a fresh server with an accelerated timeline is, especially since you guys are the ones holding the REAL keys to TBC.
  6. The one and only truth I'm afraid: ALL the other 3 elysium servers are, from now on, used by the LH project. TBH, if LH wanted to launch a fresh server, i'd play on LH, but they won't soooo...
  7. I was kinda in the same boat, but really, both the elysium tbc server and crestfall are the future of Elysium, so there's no way in hell either of them will have a population issue.
  8. Da-name checks out

    Which path will you choose in the future?

    I'm just saying (since it's kinda stupid to say you're wrong like a fanboy when it's a possibility after all), but I'm not sure what's so special about this? What you're saying is that Niko might or might not exist, well that's a given. BUT, people said the same thing for some elysium staff members in the past, and for other project's staff members, hell some people even said that Gummy didn't exist because he never communicates wih people. It's not entirely impossible that they did it to reassure people, since drama is to easy to create around these parts, but it's also very likely that this Niko guy just doesn't want to be involved with the community and just wants to help out with the project? Let's not be too hasty when it comes to judging people ;-)
  9. Da-name checks out

    Which path will you choose in the future?

    I think it's about people learning their lessons. Don't take me wrong, If there's one project out there that I'm interested in, it's crestfall, it was the case before and it still is. However, with all these disappointments: -Corecraft's failure -PlayTBC (lol who didn't see that one coming though) -Nostalrius's shutdown (although they decided to do it) -The Elysium drama and the end of the LGN partnership -Felmyst's shutdown (and this time, Blizzard went as far as to send someone to the guy's place) How could people not be careful about literally every new thing that comes out on the private server scene? I agree with @TheDruidCode here: I'm keeping a close eye on crestfall, I'm watching it evolve, I'll try out the open beta for sure, and I'll be there if the server releases, but I'm not going to go "OMG JESUS IS COMING BACK PEOPLE" like so many people did in the past. tldr: let's wait and see, and let's manage our expectations.
  10. Da-name checks out

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Darrowshire is destined to die eventually. All of their players will go to crestfall anyways.