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  1. Jackal

    character restoration tool

    Please wait for Stratholme to release and try it again then.
  2. Jackal

    I cant talk

    Please make an ingame ticket.
  3. Jackal

    Highrate server?

    We have not considered any high rate servers.
  4. When was your account made?
  5. Jackal

    Is everything fine now?

    Everything is getting back to normal yes. The realm in which your old character is located has not been launched yet. The new realm is online and you can start playing there right away.
  6. Jackal

    Cannot Log in

    Make sure you are using your elysium username to log in and NOT your email.
  7. @orwellBlizzard just announced Classic servers this weekend. This means that development is in the works. Some people are speculating "2020" as the release year. Blizzard has never announced something that far into the future. We are speeding up the timeline to match what we think Blizzard's timeline will be. That is the reasoning behind speeding up the timeline. Let me ask you something; are you going to play on Blizzard's perfect vanilla server?
  8. Jackal

    Totally new to MMO

    You will use the account you created on the Elysium home page to log into the game. @Rawb
  9. @timkGo to youtube.com and then search blizzcon2017. Sort it by live only channels. :)
  10. Jackal

    Character restoration problem!

    @HerrKleiserPlease keep trying to use the restoration tool once per hour until it goes through and works.
  11. Jackal

    Melee Spellpower build!?

    @DachopsIf you have found a bug please report it on our bugtracker.
  12. @timkYou cannot change you character's name.
  13. Jackal

    Character restoration problem!

    @Guardian452The person that now owns your login and password in plain text is Whitekidney when you changed your password ingame through the command. Until you have proof of any wrongdoing please stop making baseless accusations.