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  1. LH Discord: 7,100 people Ely Discord: 10,800 people I dunno how many will reroll here, but it has potential to do really well considering LH cucked themselves by refusing to do a fresh when more than half the player base asked for it. Ely is just capitalizing on the missed opportunity that LH failed to provide after stealing the server. I suppose well find out Sunday on where most people stand. Even if it's only 1-2k population, I'm good with that!
  2. Which faction will you be going, Horde or Alliance?
  3. This would be great and likely help ease a lot of players minds who are considering coming back.
  4. This. LH made a huge mistake by not offering half the player base a fresh server to play on after stealing Ely and all the drama that came with it. Them wanting to keep Ely up is one thing, but not even giving players the opportunity to play a clean unaffected server was a huge mistake on their end, which they'll likely realize and regret when they see how many people leave that project to play on a fresh server. The sooner the better.
  5. Pieces

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Fresh server only thing I'll consider playing, seems like many others agree. Fresh is our only hope <3. Server name: Detheroc
  6. Now that the forums are back up, I wanted to give my personal opinions about which direction could best for the Elysium Project going forward. Also, to those of you who have stuck around after all this drama, I am interested in hearing your opinion's on the topic as well. First and foremost, I don't condone or stand behind what the Elysium team did in any way, shape, or form. It was a complete betrayal and spit in the face to anyone and everyone who supported the Elysium Project; especially those who invested time and money into it. There is no denying that, and the strong feelings that most people currently have towards the Elysium Project is completely understandable and warranted. However, what's done is done, and continuing to beat a dead horse isn't going to get us anywhere, is it? So I want to talk about the future of the Elysium Project, or better, WILL there be a future for the Elysium Project? Is it possible for this project to move forward at this point after it's reputation has been shattered? If it did, could it be successful in any way? My personal opinion is that the Elysium Project can move forward and be successful (although likely not as much as it was) if they handle the situation they're in delicately, but sincerely. I personally, do not think anyone is beyond a second chance. If most of the classic wow community is willing to give WhiteKidney a second chance after having a 7-10 year reputation of being a gold seller and exploiter, as well as the malicious way he handled this whole situation (stealing the server, deleting the forums etc.), if everyone is fine with giving him a second chance and letting him run the Light's Hope project, then should we not also consider giving the original Elysium Project a second chance as well? As I said before, I don't stand behind anything the Elysium Project did, it was fucked up and I am still pissed about it; but if we look at someone like WhiteKidney and say "Well, he's changed, he isn't like that anymore now." then I think we should at least consider extending the same courtesy to the Elysium Project and at least give them the opportunity to try and make up for their mistakes and abuses. Perhaps being caught and getting the amount of backlash that they've gotten, as well as the realization that they completed destroyed their own reputation... maybe that is what was needed to happen in order for them to look at themselves in the mirror and make a change for the better. I'm sure most people won't agree with that, but like I said, I don't think anyone is beyond a second chance or that they are incapable of changing. I would like to believe that after this whole fiasco the Elysium Project has indeed changed, and I would be open to giving them the opportunity to prove that to us themselves with actions, not just words. So what would it take for the Elysium Project to move forward and continue being relevant or having a presence in the classic wow community? Well, first off, they would need to not only admit their mistakes and apologize for them, but show the community that they are actually sincere about it. They would have to vow that they have changed and will never make the same mistakes again in the future. They would have to genuinely be regretful of their actions and willing to take the backlash and insults in stride until the project is able to move passed it. Basically, they punched everyone in the face and now for the foreseeable future they are going to have to deal with randoms just showing up and shit talking or trolling for awhile. In my opinion, it's just something they are going to have to accept and deal with for the time being (of course not to the point of harassment) because people are upset, and they have every right to be. The second thing they would need is something to actually offer the community. Since Light's Hope stole the Elysium, Anathema, and Darrowshire servers, everyone's characters are on 2 different projects now and to be honest, most players would rather continue their characters on Light's Hope, than Elysium given everything that has happened. One thing that is pretty obvious that they can offer, is a fresh server, especially considering Light's Hope doesn't seem interested in doing one themselves. There is a pretty sizable portion of the community who would prefer to play on a fresh server, rather than the already established ones, or the ones where all the characters and gold were created and injected into. By starting a new fresh Elysium server, they would be able to gain back some of their previous player base that left when they were exposed. And depending on how they handle the new fresh server, as well as if they stay true to their word of never repeating their passed mistakes, well that would determine whether or not those players would stick around and whether or not the project in general would be successful. TLDR: Basically, they destroyed their own reputation and player base and they now have to build it back up from square one. Assuming they want to make a change for the better and never repeat their previous mistakes, in my opinion, their best course of action would be to just start from scratch again. Accept the fact that they detrimentally damaged themselves and that the most "pure" way they can recover from this is to start with a clean server. My advice to the Elysium Project is this ... create a fresh server, don't do anything malicious, don't repeat passed mistakes, expect and accept to be working under scrutiny for the time being, and just build your project back up one player at a time. Build a new reputation for yourselves and hopefully in the future people will care more about the project you have become, rather than the one that you once were.