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  1. lefthook

    The Difficult Choice

    what makes you think that people moved to LH because what Shenna and this other dude did? people moved on because elysium went down and LH is up with your account right where you left it and the high population. Nobody gives a fuck about who stole what. I just pointed out that is funny to me that you really think that they are just going to put it all out of their pockets just so people can play a game. Such an innocent thought. what makes you think Shenna and Crogge are not going to go back to sell gold?
  2. lefthook

    The Difficult Choice

    lol so without donators you think they are just going to put it all out of their pockets? without duplicating accounts/selling gold to gain some $$? what an interesting little fella ^_^
  3. real useful mate, give this man a cookie
  4. So as everybody knows, shit went down and most people moved to LH, Elysium is claiming to be almost ready to go but would you return? under what circumstances? Vote and voice your opinon.
  5. lol so your opinion is valid because you been lurking around for longer? fuck your opinion, fuck mine, open a poll and let the community decide
  6. so everybody here is saying they want a fresh server and you say its not what everybody really wants? lol sorry but WHO THE FUCK are you again? My 2 cents: I've moved to LH like everybody else, its been over a week already and server capacity its bigger, server is not laggy like elysium was, and its pretty stable, why would anybody come back? The only thing that would make the players come back is offering something different: F R E S H server either vanilla or tbc, maybe both. Also rebrand/rename/relaunch. People dont want to be reminded they are playing a server run by kids who cant deal with internal issues without affecting the community. P.D: Fuck you killerduki, dont try to speak in the name of the community when the community is speaking.