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  1. I am inclined to agree that the Elysium Project as it was is dead. The bulk of the players seem to be WoW junkies who don't care who hosts their servers as long as they get to play for free. For myself, I can't see going to LH since I regard its founders as both thieves and vandals. I don't believe those people have the moral high ground they claimed in order to justify their actions. I was reading a Nostalrius thread which had a plea to Elysium to stop using the database they received from Nostalrius when they passed the baton. I suspect the reason is that, by handing Elysium the Nostalrius database, they violated the cease and desist order and have provided Blizzard with legal recourse to sue individuals. I myself have played Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. I found I liked Vanilla the best although there are aspects of TBC and Wrath that I miss. It would probably be too great an undertaking but I would like to see a Vanilla flavored Wrath. TBC made some things simpler and Wrath made a few more things simpler but, overall kept the basic play intact. You still found stuff that was useful at each level which concept was destroyed by Cata+. The other servers out there have added a lot of content to simplify the game which, in turn, attracts the kind of people that drove me away from retail in the first place. A Vanilla flavored Wrath would give you a Vanilla experience all the way up to 80 which might be attractive to folks who like old-school WoW. If the project wants to create gold sellers to generate revenue to support the servers, I have no problem with that. The original retail game had gold-sellers so 'big whoop'. I, myself prefer to just play the game, rez if I'm not careful, and enjoy what drops. It makes the really good drops, rare as they are, special and exciting. Perhaps a module could be created to artificially generate an AH which could contribute more or less to the number of items available depending upon the server population. As the population grows, the module's contribution recedes. It's a pipe dream, I know. I wish the folks at Elysium well and my thanks for allowing me to enjoy Vanilla again if only for a little while.