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  1. Lionheart

    The Dark Portal Awaits!

    Best news I heard in months! Thanks guys! =D
  2. Lionheart

    Can we prevail?

    I for my part, think that the team should look into competing with something else than some strict adherence to some special snowflake "more blizzlike than blizzard" formula, since the worst extremists have other servers to go nowadays. We should keep being blizzlike in preserving the atmosphere and cultural treasure this world is, but some custom content that are just vanity or enhances RP:ing (a mature, adult playerbase that 'B' has always but ignored) would be welcome. One example would be the opportunity to gain rep with the Scarlet Crusade in a manner similar to the Bloodsails (ie. by grinding Argent Dawns, for Alliance only ofc.). Another nice thing that could potentially draw a lot of revenue, especially after TBC is released, is the chance to pay for the opportunity to play as a High elf. Which would only be a cosmetic thing, a blood elf with exactly the same abilities but with blue eyes, on alliance starting in Elwynn like humans (you could have Dark Irons as a Horde equivalent.. maybe). Some other stuff that wouldn't break immersion nor be a heavy burden on people's potatoes - like new models - could also be a nice change. Community does matter. For my own part - and I really had nothing to do with the stuff that took place - I was digsuisted to see 4chan trolls come and viciously attack people who have worked their backs off for years out of love for this community and the project. Surely a lot of those probably don't even play the game and was drawn there by neo-nazi propaganda videos on youtube - but it still kinda made me despair about the future of this community which used to be known for its adult playerbase and seeking to preserve some kind of immaterial values. Community matters and people matters. People are DM:ing me on Discord and telling that they wouldn't wanna play without Shenna, for example. The major reason for why this project have been at a disadvantage compared to the hackers is because they shut down our severs and also torched them purposely so that only they could offer people's toons with all of their character progression up to that point. For my own part, I'm eagerly awaiting TBC - but I could already have gone playing on one of the already TBC servers. Community matters - and we should be able to compete well there through actually holding up the legacy banner of attracting the mature, adult playerbase that do not engage in petty drama, trolling or hacker attacks. That kind of community will always have a given segment of potential new players especially as people grow older.
  3. Lionheart

    Nighthaven PVP? Why not RP-PVP

    I don't necessarily have a problem with this stance in the light of the situation we're in. It's great that someone raised this question though since I think that the RP-PVP crowd would be a really good audience for EP to target. We should work on some fun RP-PVP guild on the server and see how it works out. =)
  4. Lionheart

    Nighthaven PVP? Why not RP-PVP

    Fully support! =) RP-PVP servers have been a sanctuary for the kind of mature, adult audience that are fed up with Blizzard only catering to kiddos whose gaming experience is all about "omg lol new epix" - the same kind of people who like Legacy servers. What Blizz did especially with Cata and afterwards was killing the immersion of a magical and dangerous world were you were really just an adventurer rather than some sort of superhero. This project is all about preserving a cultural treasure for future generations, and this is something RP-PVP:ers do the best, by engaging in the immersion to the full extent possible.
  5. Yeh that's probably gonna be my choice. =)
  6. Either Mage or Lock, probably the later. Might try something new I never done before - like Troll Shammy, but I'm a caster at heart.
  7. Lionheart

    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    Amazing! =D Great to hear about TBC too!
  8. Lionheart

    The Difficult Choice

    I'm also waiting eagerly for Fresh.. and regarding pop statistics and such, I'm not contributing much until it arrives. No.. a god of justice he is not.. ;)
  9. Lionheart

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Ofc. it'd be even more epic - and an even bigger selling point - if the new server could be TBC. Obviously our team deserves rest after all they've been going through, and our admiration for all of their contributions and hard work, but if Crogge has a nearly ready TBC on his computer... please go for it. I'd actually enjoy having early TBC to begin with with the old blood knights quests where you had to suck the light directly out of Mu'ru... epic stuff. ;) However - as for xp-boosts, I must say I'm sceptical. I'm also against autistic allegiance to Blizzlike - I'd even say new models could be a boon which wouldn't change the immersion, or minor custom content like reputation for Scarlet Crusade or something (be epic for RP:ers). But part of what was lost in Cata was the magic and dangerous mystery of experiencing the world of Azeroth during all the levels, thanks to the focus being on catapulting people to the end game. If people want that, then they already have better options like WoW-mania available to them.
  10. Lionheart

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Why not call it 'Shenna' in your honour my lady? But otherwise... 'Atlantis' is a really nice name. 'Plaguelands' would be epic tbh.
  11. I'd support a fresh server and hope we'll get TBC asap but I assure you that when LH starts collapsing, there'll be no ghost towns here. The server has been up for 1 hour and 45 minutes by now, not exactly fair to compare with Light Shop atm lol.
  12. And if you don't appreciate the gifts you can do what I did: start a new account. Felt good with a fresh start for me.
  13. So? I'm not playing atm but I'm still on EP's side. We have 10677 people on Discord atm.
  14. Lionheart

    Fan shop

    I support this. We need a proper way of giving our team a fair reward for their hard labour. It should be a vanity shop only though.