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  1. Trommel

    Where to download?

    Try this https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/wiki/clientdownload
  2. Trommel

    Help please

    Make a ticket ingame and explain the issue.
  3. Trommel

    Which server will be TBC?

    Roll on NightHaven, once we reach TBC, Your characters from nighthaven will be transferable to our TBC server
  4. Trommel


    Have you tried disabling all youra ddons?
  5. Trommel

    Can´t connect to Nighthaven anymore

    Server was down and required a restart.
  6. Trommel

    Password Change Not Working

    No. The character database was stolen and destroyed. The old Elysium characters (pre octoberish) will be usable on our TBC server when its released
  7. Trommel

    Old Elysium

    Youll be able to restore those old characters to TBC, when it gets released... it's still currently being discussed whether those old chars will be usable on NH when it reaches the appropriate patch.
  8. Trommel

    TBC Client for Mac

    There is no TBC mac client. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/3z3sdk/looking_for_a_243_client_for_mac/ Use this for more info with your issue.
  9. Trommel

    Missing Characters

    We are not associated with Lights Hope. If you played on our servers before October, your characters on the old Elysium/Darrow/Ana servers WILL be transferable to the TBC server, we're currently discussing whether to merge them into our NH server once the appropriate patch hits.
  10. Trommel

    Password Change Not Working

    We are NOT associated with lights hope in any way
  11. Trommel

    Account Suspended HELP

    If you type your password wrong too many times itll lock out your account. Try again after 30 minutes.
  12. You will just get the mount you purchased. You will still need to buy the skill with gold.
  13. Trommel

    I got banned asking for help in /1

  14. Trommel

    Restored characters won't show up :(

    Read this thread. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/58254-important-project-update-03112017/