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  1. The last part of your post seems to me to be quite correct. For some reason, the answers seems to be ignored and avoided.. I really want to believe that they just do not have time to give us a clear statement on those questions.

    Fan shop

    The Shop is already announced, only and only through it ppl will be able to make donations in exchange for some things from the Shop itself.
  3. Just like the battle cry of Sylvanas in the new Cinematic. I would say : FOR THE HORDE !!
  4. Haha... My choice : Warrior :)
  5. Bravo !! :) The server will not be shut down after 3 months simply because the launch of the legacy servers will take much longer than you think !! LH will also disappear as quickly as it appears when Legacy Servers opens.. :)

    Can we prevail?

    My answer : YES WE CAN :)

    The Dark Portal Awaits!

    THIS !! Bravo !! In addition : Good Vid !! :)
  8. Even after the announcement of Blizzard for Legacy Servers I am glad to see you stand firmly behind your decisions. But I really would like to see some answers to the questions that orwell aksed :)

    Character name change?

    Because this is not Retail with Name Changing service for 10 EU. And because there is no reason to be able to. :) This can only happen if the name is already taken by someone else and your character is copied to the server after from another realm for example. Then and only then will you be able to rename it.

    where do i download the client?

    Yes u're Blind :P Check - > HERE I accept your thanks in advance :) Take Care.
  11. One pull I think would shed more light over whether the server should be PvE or PvP. I really hope this time they will listen the community ( which has remained with them ) The scheme " We know better than you, what you truly want " Does not work well and the real example of this is Blizzard. The team of this server ( Whatever they are, because we do not know who is involved in the project, except @Shenna & @Crogge and @Ash оbviously ) must understand that without listening to the community they will not succeed.. not at this stage, not after everything. As my boy Illidan said to Maiev : " The huntress... is NOTHING... without the HUNT... You... are NOTHING... without... me..." I would say : " Elysium... is NOTHING... without the COMMUNITY... " I think you guys got the idea which is behind these quotes, but let them go to the side and let's talk for real. Do not ignore the community !! And most likely Elysium shall prevail once again. We do not just want transparency.. I / WE want to see invoices for every penny that is spent on something. I / We want to know who are the people of the team working on the project at the moment ( as @orwell said ( Btw, great post bro I admit it. ) ) Even the color of the underwear of Shenna ( Little Joke.. for fun :) :) ) And if someone of the team need money from donations, just say.. I think that at times when someone is sincere, people will not be angry with him, and even they would help even more. My point was that this time you just need to pay more attention to your community.. and listen to it more often than before. Generally : Good name choice !! However, I would not give such a good estimate of the choice of realm type and depriving players of PvE Realm in general.
  12. Hype IS REAL. The new realm will take its place but I'm afraid the other 3 ( Even Merged ) will die. If the new realm does not save the Ely Project, nothing can do it. And as a project fan ( even after all ) I strongly hope that the new realm will be able to keep the project alive. A little suggestion in addition : Open the new server section and clean the forum from old ( Flaming ) posts :)

    Fresh Realm Name?

    Emeriss / Nagrand / Tarren Mill / Nordrassil or Shattered Halls. These were my favorites while I was playing on Retail.
  14. Merging Servers / Opening new ( Fresh ) Realm is already considered by the Team. Тhis has been already mentioned in one of the announcements.
  15. Same Here. New ACC / Low Pop. Almost as Fresh Server. :)