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  1. Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    Wait, did I read that correct? Currently only 843 characters are level 60? Not that it's a big deal, but rather interesting, I wonder if it is true for most vanilla realms that most people don't finish the grind.
  2. You can only play your characters on the LH realms for the time being. Nighthaven is a fresh realm and transfers aren't allowed to it.
  3. Use two gathering professions, and auction house literally everything that is not a grey item. Had more than enough gold when I hit level 40, and I didn't need to excessively grind, it was 90-95% questing.
  4. Nighthaven is a fresh only realm, transfers aren't allowed to it. If you want to play your old characters, you'll have to go to Light's Hope (use google).
  5. Restoration from Stratholme

    You'll have to start from scratch.
  6. If you want to play your old characters, you'll have to go to Light's Hope. Nighthaven is a fresh realm only and doesn't accept transfers.
  7. Blizzard does not distinguish between good/bad/corrupt/evil/etc private servers. To them, all private servers are violations of their Terms of Service and they send out cease and desist letters regularly. Problem is, in the EU there is no specific law that does not allow private servers, thus from a legal standpoint Blizzard really has no standing - so essentially these letters are just thrown in the trash. Point is - nothing will happen to a private server that is hosted in the proper region (unless done by their own hand)
  8. Disconnect after loading in

    You either have the wrong client version installed (it needs to be 1.12.1) or it's a corrupted client.

    Regardless, Shomie is correct. These issues are handled in-game via GM ticket.
  10. As they mentioned in the Announcements section, Stratholme was taken down. Your characters can not be restored at this time. Why they still have this sub-forum or the character restore tool up is a mystery to me. Your two current choices: 1.) Play your characters on Light's Hope realms 2.) Roll a new character on the Nighthaven fresh realm (no, your characters won't be transferred to it)
  11. How to move Characters

    There was big drama about a month ago and so a falling out occurred - some of the Devs took copies of the servers and made Light's Hope. I won't get into too many details because everyone has their own opinions on the matter, I would suggest checking google or youtube.
  12. How to move Characters

    You have two options currently. 1.) Play your characters on Light's Hope realms (just google for information) 2.) Start a new character on Nighthaven realm here.
  13. Can we streaming in Twitch?

    You can certainly try and stream, but yes that Twitch may decide to ban your twitch account. The mods here have no control over that.
  14. Well it would make more sense to bring back that tool if/when something happens to Light's Hope, or when the TBC realm is released. Having it up right now just seems to me to serve no purpose. Just trying to save you all some trouble, there have been near daily messages on the tech forums asking "why can't I restore my characters!?"
  15. Since Stratholme is closed, can the "Restore characters" link be removed from the front page? Otherwise you are just going to confuse players who return after not playing for many months thinking they can get their characters back.