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  1. RamataKahn

    Possible Solution to Lvl10 Mail

    It's a big problem in that it's a major inconvenience and does almost nothing to combat the problem of gold sellers.
  2. RamataKahn

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Holy fucking shit. This build is phenomenal and vastly superior to the standard affliction build post 40. You almost never run out of mana or health. Imp Drain Soul DOES NOT scale well past 40 and I was having mana problems a lot. Not anymore with the DP build, none at all.
  3. Gold sellers are also botters, it's nothing to bot to 5 or 10.
  4. Again, all this does is punish the community and does absolutely nothing against gold spammers.
  5. This does nothing against gold spammers.
  6. Uh this isn't hard to do at all, the Robes of Arcana are cheap on the AH, I just did this last night completely solo.