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  1. Hatmud

    Mal servidor

    Un soporte por los GM muy pésimo. Te Banean sin dar explicaciones, no recibes ninguna notificación y si apelas no te responden. Desaconsejo este server.
  2. The NPC is not there. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=851/verog-the-dervish
  3. Hatmud

    BUG [Felheart Belt]

  4. Hatmud

    BUG [Felheart Belt]

    No patch appears. Also if it was a skill to use, it would work. In fact it does not work when you press to increase the damage
  5. Hatmud

    BUG [Felheart Belt]

    This belt has bad characteristicshttps://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5271405355&photo_id=500630475411 I should give these other https://classicdb.ch/?item=16806
  6. The Legend of Korrak mission is BUG, I select the wand to end the mission and it does not leave me. It tells me that I have to select an object.
  7. Hatmud


    This NPC should sell more enchantments, but it does not. http://classicdb.ch/?npc=15419
  8. Hatmud

    Quest Chain BUG

  9. Hatmud

    Quets Class Warlock

    Good evening. I have a Warlock named Urta. I have made the quest An Imp's Request but the NPC Impsy <Niby's Minion> does not give me the second mission of the chain (The Wrong Stuff). For that reason I can not perform one of the warlock class missions, to get Abyss Shard. How could I get the quest Trolls of a Feather that is the last of the chain? Thank you
  10. Hatmud

    Eventos PVP

    Vaya fastidio los evento PVP, ya podian dejar de hacerlos. Cada vez que los realizan el server va fatal.